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High-Performance Computing (HPC)

High Performance Computing

Zorro, the AU High-Performance Computing (HPC) System supports the efforts of faculty and student researchers working with computationally intensive projects. The HPC system consists of 15 nodes (and one head node) each comprised of 12 Intel X5650 processors, with 24 GB of memory and 120 GB hard drives that can be used for high-speed parallel/distributed data processing. This structure allows researchers to significantly reduce computational time by breaking down large jobs into smaller, independent units, and simultaneously executing them. Jobs that usually take days or weeks to run can now be completed in a matter of a few hours.

FALL 2014 UPGRADE - HPC Cluster Redeployment

NEW! - After the planned maintenance, the system is currently redeployed and fully operational on RHEL 6.5, with Platform HPC (hpchead.american.edu, zorro.american.edu, all compute nodes). As a result of this upgrade, the cluster can now offer higher reliability and performance to users, based on the new version of the underlying OS, latest rendering of the available licensed software applications, such as MATLAB 2014a and Mathematica 10, and easier access to the message passing interface (MPI). 

Fundamentally, there are no major changes in the content of IBM Platform HPC concepts and terminology, required to utilize the HPC environment. Similarly, the practice of submitting and managing LSF jobs remains unaffected

Research Support Group Consulting Services

Our staff can provide educational and consulting support. General assistance is available for users of the HPC cluster as well as help with technical problems, such as code optimization. We offer group tutorials for HPC users and individual one-on-one consulting support at all phases of research. Training is available at CTRL or at your location.

For any queries, questions, and comments on HPC, please send your email to Angel Bogushev or call x2797. 

For questions on account application process, please contact hpc@american.edu.

Obtaining an Account

In order to obtain an account for the HPC cluster please go to www.american.edu/cas/hpc and request access by filling out the appropriate form.

HPC Software

Licensed: Matlab Distrubuted, Mathematica, Stata MP

Open Source: C++, CUDA, Enthought Python Distrubuted, Fortran, MEGA, Mr. Bayes, Muscle, Perl, Octave, OpenBUGS, R-Project

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Hurst Hall, Room 202

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For help with CTRL supported activities, visit the lab during business hours, call 202-885-3862, email rsg@american.edu. For people who are traveling, we can arrange for support via Skype - contact us for more information.

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