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Fax: 202-885-1190

Westemeier, Kimberleigh Pulford
Pedagogy and Instructional Technologist

Hurst, Room 214

Ctr Teaching/Research/Learning 4400 Massachusetts Avenue NW Washington, DC 20016-8174 United States

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Explore What You Can Do With Your Research

The Research Support Group (RSG) is a multi-functional and multi-faceted team that provides consultations for faculty, staff, and students in carrying out qualitative and quantitative research. The group provides advice on research design, data collection, and data analysis. It also provides front-line support for use of the Virtual Computing Lab and the High Performance Computing Cluster. We support research intended for academic publication, research for undergraduate and master’s theses, as well as doctoral dissertations. We also assist students in the use of research software for class assignments.

Software Workshops

We offer a robust schedule of Software Workshops to demonstrate the software we offer.

Virtual Computing Lab

The Virtual Computing Lab allows you to take software anywhere in the world.

Public Data Resources

There are many Public Data Resources available. We have created a list of them.

Software Support

We have comprehensive Software Support pages online to learn and troubleshoot.

In-Class Software Tutorials

We can come to your class and demonstrate how to use the software program of your choosing as an In-Class Software Tutorial.

High-Performance Computing

We can help with computationally intensive projects on the HPC System.


CTRL is committed to providing services to all faculty and staff regardless of disability, and we will coordinate ways to bring services to an accessible location. Request an accessible meeting (x2117).