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Template for Course Syllabi

Course Requirements and Expectations

Clearly stating your expectations and course requirements allows students to plan and to understand how the course is structured. It can also help you avoid typical questions from students like the following:

  • "Can I turn it in late?”
  • “Can I get extra credit?”
  • “Can I re-do the assignment?”
  • “You didn’t tell us we had to…”
  • “It wasn’t clear that…”
  • "Can I revise an exam question if I interpreted it incorrectly?"


  • Are readings listed on the course schedule, on Blackboard or elsewhere?
  • When is each reading due?
  • How do course readings reinforce and support course content?
  • Are books on reserve at the library?
  • Is there a place for students to post additional readings (or other materials) that they want to share?