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Template for Course Syllabi

Class Participation Policy

As you define class participation, you might consider the following:

  Participating in class discussions or activities
  Posting online resources for peers
  Participating in online discussion threads
  Completing lab assignments
  Attending rehearsals
  Logging hours in an art studio
  Participating in group projects
  Quality of questions asked
  Meeting with faculty during office hours

Attendance Policy

  • Are students expected to attend all classes?
  • What is an excused absence? (e.g. illness, religious holidays, team games)?
  • If students are ill, do you require a doctor's note as validation?
  • Can students make up missed work or exams?
  • What are the consequences of excessive absences?

Policy on Collaborative Work

For courses that emphasize teamwork and collaboration, it helps to be very clear with students when an assignment or activity is not meant to be discussed with others in the class. When exams, papers and outside work is intended to reflect only the students own work, clearly stating this policy can avoid problems with academic integrity violation. View a copy of the AU Academic Integrity Code.