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Template for Course Syllabi


Note: During the course, it can be useful to help students connect individual assignments to student learning outcomes and overall course goals. It also provides clarity to consider issues such as

  • How you will assess student competency. Items might include:
 Exams  Quizzes  Reading    
   Presentations  Group projects  Projects    
  • Clearly stating when assignments are due.
  • Noting how assignments should be submitted.
Hard copies turned in Via email  Blackboard drop-box
  A drop-box that you create for the course outside of Blackboard
  • What happens if assignments are turned in late?

Other Course Policies

  • Can students use laptops in class?
  • Will cell phones be used in class (e.g., as clickers)? Is their use prohibited?
  • What happens if assignments are turned in late?
  • Can students gain extra credit for additional work?
  • Can coursework that has been submitted and graded be revised?
  • How should written work by others be cited (e.g., is there a preferred style for references)?
  • Which course activities are collaborative and which must be individual work?
  • Are there specific online resources students should or should not use for the course?

Academic Integrity Code

View the Academic Integrity Code.

  • How does your department/school handle potential violations to the university's Academic Integrity Code?
  • What can students do to avoid problems? (e.g., correct citations of sources)?
  • How can you help students understand the importance of academic integrity?