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Enterprise Resource Planning System(ERP), Colleague

Colleague is AU's enterprise resource planning system. Colleague is used to manage student academic records, financial information, human resources records, fundraising and development activities, and alumni records. This system is available only to authorized users inside the AU community.

Before using the Datatel Web UI for the first time, please go to the portal, log in and click on TECHNOLOGY and then DOWNLOAD SOFTWARE. Select the WebUI Java Cert Installer and click SAVE FILE. When the file is finished downloading, double click to open it and then click OK to confirm opening. Click RUN, INSTALL and then FINISH. This needs to be performed on any computer that will use the Datatel Web UI.

After installing the WebUI Java Cert Installer from the portal, and signing onto the VPN if you are off campus, go to We recommend that you use Microsoft Internet Explorer. Select the environment to which you want to connect. Enter your username and password in the pop up window and click LOGIN.

You need to install the WebUI Java Cert Installer from the portal, per the above instructions.

With Web UI you no longer have to switch between applications. Just select the FORM radio button at the top of the window, enter the name of the screen you need to access in the SEARCH box, and then press ENTER. Alternatively, you can use the NAVIGATION button at the top of the window to browse to the screen you need to access. You can also bookmark the screens you use the most and then access these bookmarks using the FAVORITES button at the top of the window.

Click on the square grey button at the top right of the Web UI browser window, then click LOGOUT. Close the browser window or tab and click OK to confirm that you are sure you want to close, if necessary.

You will need to connect to the VPN each time you connect, before using the Datatel Web UI. Once you are connected to the VPN and you have installed the WebUI Java Cert Installer, you can connect to using Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Internet Explorer (recommended).

The old Datatel UI desktop client will only continue to work for a short period after the Datatel Web UI is launched. We strongly encourage you to get comfortable using Web UI and to report any problems to the IT Help Desk at 202-885-2550, e-mail, or AskAmericanUHelp.

If you receive the "Sorry, no forms matched the provided criteria" error after entering a mnemonic, such as XGAR, in the "Form Search" field, as a workaround you should click on the Navigation tab, select the module where the mnemonic resides, and then double-click on the mnemonic. This action will bring up the screen correctly. The mnemonic will then be automatically added to the Form "stack" and can then be subsequently executed from there. This is a known Datatel bug which Datatel is working to fix in a future software release.