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AU-Sponsored Email for Students

Every AU student is assigned an AU-sponsored Gmail account that takes the form of This account should be regularly monitored, as many important announcements will only be sent to this address, such as messages from your instructors and the University Registrar.

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Yes; however this is optional. When you change your network password on the myAU portal, you will see a check box, that if checked, will also change or synchronize your AU-sponsored Gmail account password. This will allow you to keep your portal and Gmail passwords the same. If you wish to keep the passwords separate, you must uncheck the box, when changing or synchronizing your portal password.

For students, log into the portal. Click on TECHNOLOGY on the right. Under Personalized Links, click the CHANGE MY GMAIL PASSWORD link and follow the on-screen instructions.

Alumni with an existing AU-sponsored Gmail account can contact the IT Help Desk for a password reset.

We would like to encourage you to try the Gmail service (which includes Google Chat, Documents, and Calendar), but if you wish, you can opt to forward your AU-sponsored Gmail account to another external e-mail address by following the steps below:

  1. Log into
  2. Then, click MAIL SETTINGS at the top right of the page and click the FORWARDING AND POP/IMAP tab.
  3. Click the ADD A FORWARDING ADDRESS button and enter your EXTERNAL E-MAIL ADDRESS in the box. Click NEXT.
  4. A confirmation e-mail message, with a confirmation code, will be sent to your external e-mail address. Copy the code from the message into the box provided under your AU Gmail account settings, and click VERIFY.
  5. Click the radio button beside FORWARD A COPY OF INCOMING MAIL TO to enable forwarding.
  6. IMPORTANT: We recommend that you keep a copy of messages sent to you in your Gmail inbox by selecting the KEEP AMERICAN UNIVERSITY'S COPY IN THE INBOX.
  7. Finally, click SAVE CHANGES from the bottom of the page.

This service is being provided by the University as the primary e-mail/collaboration system for eligible students, and for alumni as requested. University policies will apply to the service.

Your AU-sponsored Gmail account has been customized for optimal educational collaboration. American University has taken steps to ensure that your data is protected above and beyond a publicly available account.

Google has signed a contract committing them to uphold a strict privacy policy and to always treat your personal information with the utmost care and security. Read more about Google Privacy & Security. Keep in mind that Google has agreed that AU student data is subject to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) when in Google's possession.

Your AU-sponsored e-mail account is a standard Google Gmail account sent to your or address. Google's operating practice is to electronically process the contents, addresses, and other characteristics of Google Apps for Education services (including GMail, Calendar, Contacts, Blogger, etc.), in order to improve the efficiency of user searches, and also to focus advertising for individual users. Google's privacy policy states that hosted data is not sold or turned over to third parties, unless the data is subpoenaed in a court proceeding. The data derived from Google's automated processing are maintained by Google until two years after the last date of a customer's use of any Google service.

Under American University's agreement with Google, Google will not display advertising to students using e-mail accounts while the student is enrolled at AU. When AU enrollment ends, Google may provide customized advertising for users in the same manner it does for other Gmail accounts.

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