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Hazardous Material Accident

Spills of a hazardous chemical or radioactive material need to be reported immediately to public safety at x3636. When reporting, be specific about the kind of material involved and exact location of the spill. Public safety will contact the necessary specialized authorities and medical personnel.

Anyone who may have been contaminated by a spill should avoid contact with others as much as possible, and remain in the vicinity. Specialized personnel will provide required first aid and clean up such as removing contaminated clothing, and flushing with water. Small spills are best handled by the person(s) using the material because he/she is probably familiar with the hazardous material.

The key person on site should vacate the affected area at once, if necessary, and seal it off to prevent further contamination of other areas until the arrival of public safety personnel.

If an emergency exists:

  • Do not attempt to clean up a spill yourself.
  • Alert others and quickly exit the building, if appropriate.
  • The nearest exit may be blocked in the event of a hazardous material accident. The building marshal will assist with evacuation; however, building occupants should try to familiarize themselves with all building exits.
  • Assist the handicapped in exiting the building. Do not use elevators and do not panic.
  • Once outside, move to a clear area away from the affected building(s).
  • Keep streets, fire lanes, hydrants and walkways clear for emergency vehicles and crews.

An Incident Command Center may be set up near the emergency site. Do not return to an evacuate building unless you have permission to do so by public safety.