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Psychological Crisis

A psychological crisis exists when an individual is threatening harm to himself/herself, to others, or is out of touch with reality because of a drug reaction or psychosis.

A major psychological crisis always requires the intervention of trained personnel. Public Safety personnel should immediately be contacted in situations requiring medical or peace-keeping intervention. Counseling Center personnel can be contacted for consultation or assistance in resolving the situation.

Less severe psychological crises may involve uncontrolled crying, feelings of panic, or anger/yelling (without indications/threats of physical harm). If the psychological crisis resolves quickly in response to attention and kindness, no intervention of professional counselors or officers may be necessary. Plans for follow-up support should be put in place (i.e., a follow-up conversation, a referral to counseling, an action-plan should the situation become acute again, etc.). If the crisis does not resolve, or escalates, follow the guidelines above for a major psychological crisis.


If a psychological crisis occurs:

  • Never try to handle a situation on your own that you feel is dangerous.
  • Notify public safety at x3636. Clearly state that you need immediate assistance, give your name, your location, and the area involved.
  • The counseling center will provide post-trauma counseling and referrals.
  • In extreme situations, call 911.

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