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Emergency Management Policies

American University encourages our community members to personally prepare and plan for emergencies. Below are a few policies to help you prepare, plan, and stay ahead of emergencies.

Pandemic Preparedness Guidelines

Immediate coordination and preparation are required when responding to a communicable public health emergency. The contents of this plan will focus your attention on responding to a pandemic. Similar to an epidemic, a pandemic is a disease outbreak where several people become severely ill with the same disease at the same time. The Pandemic Preparedness Guidelines can be accessed online.

University Facility and Personnel Operating Status

American University wishes to protect the safety of its community members, research, and facilities. To that end, University operations may be reduced, suspended or closed due to weather conditions, facility damage, or other emergency conditions that prevent normal operations. The decision to reduce, suspend, or close all or part of the University because of severe weather, building conditions, disruptive actions, or health risks will be made by the President or his designee. The University Facility and Personnel Operating Status policy can be viewed online.

International Travel Policy

American University has long encouraged and supported international travel by its faculty, students, and staff and is keenly aware that such travel may pose significant safety risks. The International Travel Policy is applicable to all faculty, staff, and students of American University engaged in university supported or sponsored program and activities. The International Travel Policy can be viewed online.