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Global Safety

Traveling abroad is an exciting time for students, faculty, and staff but safe travel requires preparation and planning. Below are links that provide general and country-specific travel safety information. Check with your program advisor for additional program-specific safety information.

Register for Alert Traveler 

AlertTraveler is a mobile application (available on Android and Apple devices) that allows for two-way communication between the traveler and American University, provides travelers with up-to-date country intelligence to prepare them for travel, quick-dial emergency services numbers for the traveler's location, among other features. The application is free and available for students, faculty, and staff traveling abroad. 

How to Register

  1. Visit the AU Abroad website
  2. Select “International Travel Registration” at the bottom of the page
  3. Select “Register Travel Now”
  4. Select “I am a current AU student, faculty or staff member and will log in using a MYAU username and password.”
  5. Complete the application with your Trip Itinerary Information  
    Your trip may not appear in the location field. If that is the case, manually enter the location
  6. Once your application is submitted, follow the instructions in the AlertTraveler User Guide to activate the app

International Travel Policy

The International Travel Policy is applicable to all faculty, staff, and students of American University engaged in university supported or sponsored program and activities.

Travel Policy

The Travel Policy applies to individuals traveling on behalf of the University and are seeking reimbursement for appropriate business‐related expenses, regardless of the funding source.

Policy on Export Controls

The Policy on Export Controls governs the distribution and sharing of information, technology and commodities both internationally and domestically.