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Preparing for the Future

2017-18 Annual Report

Universities must be ready to meet the needs of an ever-changing world.
Here at AU, we not only prepare for the future; we also define it.

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Reflecting on AU's Impact and Preparing for the Future

President Burwell gives her Inauguration Speech

As we celebrate American University’s 125th anniversary, we honor a legacy of making impact. From the inception of the Washington College of Law, the first founded by women, to the first US university to reach carbon neutrality, record-making is woven into who we are.

April 12, 2018, marked another milestone. As we celebrated the inauguration of our 15th and first female president, Sylvia M. Burwell laid out a new vision for AU, one based on values etched into our founding that actively guide our future. They are:

Lead in academics, teaching, & experiential learning

The new Don Myers Technology and Innovation Building and the forthcoming Hall of Science empower AU to be the university of “and,” not “or.”

Focus on the future by empowering innovation & improving the student experience

Initiatives already underway include the Plan for Inclusive Excellence, a broad-reaching effort to build a truly inclusive campus community.

Nurture our connections to Washington, DC

When our home city thrives, so do we, so we have initiated programs that include teaching DC high school students the power of technology and entrepreneurship.

Empower changemakers & change-making scholarship

These changemakers include alumni forging paths of public service across the globe, and professors on campus, like Ibram X. Kendi, a leading scholar on racism.

Achieve excellence in our classrooms & workforce through strategic partnerships

We are strengthening bonds across schools within our home city and with the public and private sectors alike, including a new alliance with Special Olympics International.

AU at a Glance

5 Law Programs Ranked in the Top 20

number 4 Clinical Legal Education

number 6 International Law

number 7 Trial Advocacy

number 9 Intellectual Property

number 20 Health Law

Rankings Source: U.S. News & World Report