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Invoices must be submitted to the following address for payment:

American University
Attn: Accounts Payable
4400 Massachusetts Avenue N W
Washington DC, 20016-8020.

The invoice will be matched with the executed PO and packing slip, if available. In case a properly executed PO does not exist, the invoice will be sent back to the vendor indicating the PO process must be initiated and signed prior to invoice payment. Invoices will be paid promptly if the above procedures are followed. Delaying payment to a vendor can result in the vendor placing AU on credit hold. Eventually AU may pay higher prices to offset the vendor's collection costs which in turn can downgrade AU’s credit status with not only the vendor, but with credit bureaus. Invoices should be sent to Accounts Payable for processing, not to PCD. In case of discrepancies between invoice, PO, and packing slip, the documentation will be routed back to the initiating AU employee for explanation and further authentication of the actual goods ordered and delivered. EACH INVOICE MUST BE APPROVED (SIGNED AND PRINTED NAME) AND MARKED WITH AN “O.K. TO PAY” PRIOR TO PAYMENT. Invoices received for goods and services rendered outside of the PCD process described in these sections may not be processed for payment or may be delayed considerably. Exception to the above- Invoices for PSAs should not be mailed directly to Accounts Payable, but should be mailed directly to an end user whose authorized signature signed the PSA.