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Payments to Vendors

American University is required to meet the regulations of the Internal Revenue Service for payments to individuals. To be in compliance, all new vendors must have proper documentation (W-9 Form) on file and be entered in Datatel before requisitions can be entered into the system.

Ellucian (Datatel) Requirements

  • All requisitions must include a vendor code.
  • Reimbursements, direct payments, and PSAs require W9 Form documentation.
  • All requisitions for goods and services exceeding $500 should be entered into Datatel before the purchase.
  • All items less than $500 may be purchased using the AU One Card, or by sending the invoice signed by the approved person within the department.
  • The General Ledger Account Number should be charged to Accounts Payable.

Note: All vendors who submit invoices for payment must supply the university with a completed W9 form. Accounts Payable will be unable to process any payments without the proper documentation.

The university is exempt from paying sales taxes which may appear on invoices or on personal reimbursement requests from MD, DC, and VA.

It is the policy of the Office of the Controller to pay only on original invoices which easily identify the goods or services sold to the university or requesting departments. It does not pay statements that are issued by vendors.

In compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley requirements regarding quarterly accuracy of figures on the ledgers, journal entry corrections will NOT be made for items more than 90 days old.

Invoices must be received directly by Accounts Payable. Otherwise, outstanding payables may go overlooked. This can become a significant problem with our external auditors during the annual audit of the university's financial statements.

If goods or services were received before April 30, the university is required to report them in the current fiscal year. If goods and services are provided, but not invoiced, by April 30, contact Accounts Payable so the proper accounting entry can be made.