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Procurement & Contracts - Requisition Process

Purchase Requisitions

The purchasing process begins when a Requisitioner creates a Purchase Requisition in Datatel, the University Financial System. By using the Datatel system, a department will be able to:

  • Track the purchase of the order
  • Provide a record of the order
  • Check the price quoted by the vendor and the price on the invoice
  • Verify receipt of the Order
  • Know when the vendor invoice has been paid

Online purchase requisitions through Datatel must contain the following information:

  • Initiator's name: Datatel user name
  • Vendor Name: Type in the Vendor name in the Vendor ID field. Choose the correct vendor and enter. If the vendor does not appear, it may be that the vendor is not in the system. If this is the case, please contact Purchasing to select an alternate vendor. If this is a sole source, a W-9 form and vendor application must be presented to Procurement and Contracts and entered into the Datatel system.
  • Ship To: Each department has a two-digit code that designates the address of the department. If you do not know your department code, type in three periods(...) and select the proper departmental ship to address.
  • Approvals If you are able to approve requisitions for your department, type in your name. If you need to forward the requisition to someone else for approval, enter your name as above and click on the blue box at the end of the field and enter another name in the next approval box. This will allow the next approver to see the requisition and approve it for purchase.
  • Line Items: Click the blue box at the end of the field. Click the Detail button next to the first line. Fill in the description, quantity, cost, and the General Ledger number that you wish to charge the purchase Double-click to return to the first screen.
  • Requisition Done: Type "Y" for yes. If you don't, the requisition will not be processed.

For information on Datatel training classes, click here.