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Object Codes

The object classification of expenditures identifies that which is received in return for the expenditures. Object classification has importance as a tool for internal management and as a means for reporting to external users how resources were used. This list is subdivided into:

Most Commonly Used Object Codes

51102 Full Time Faculty

Salaries paid to full-time faculty members. To be considered full-time, a faculty member must be appointed to one of the ranks specified in the Faculty Manual, and must devote full service to University duties.

51103 Full Time Professional

Salaries paid, on a monthly basis, to full-time staff members who meet the professional classification requirements specified in the Personnel Policy Manual. These individuals are EXEMPT from the Federal and State rules covering hours worked and the payment of overtime.

51104 Full Time Biweekly Staff

Compensation paid, on a bi-weekly basis, to full-time staff members whose job is classified as NON-Exempt from Federal and State wage and hour rules. Generally, the employee works a set amount of hours per job shift or work week and earns an overtime rate for excess hours worked.

51203 Student Wages

Compensation to students working part-time in an administrative or academic unit. The wage is calculated at an hourly rate. For FEDERAL WORK STUDY use object code 51211.

51208 Professional Services

Expenses associated with professional services rendered by an individual, partnership or unincorporated business (e.g. legal, management consulting, medical, etc.) and subject to the reporting requirements of IRS Form 1099. A Professional Services Agreement (PSA) is required.

51210 Non-employee Compensation

One-time or incidental payment for honorariums, casual labor or other personal services by a non-employee and subject to the reporting requirements of IRS Form 1099.

51211 Federal Work Study

Student wages partially funded by U.S. Department of Education.

51513 Fringe Benefits

The cost of benefits pertaining to the compensation of employees. The amount is a percentage of the total of actual salaries and wages (full- and part-time) for each center/department. The costs assigned represent a percentage of such benefits as retirement, FICA, life insurance, tuition benefits, disability, workers' compensation, health insurance and unemployment.

52101 General Supplies and Expenses

Charges for office supplies and consumable office goods that cost less than $2,500.00 per unit and have a service life of less than five years.

52108 Contractual Expenses

Expenses associated with services provided by a corporation (not subject to IRS Form 1099) on a continuous basis and evidenced by a contract or agreement. (e.g. maintenance agreements, trash removal, etc.).

52117 Membership and Dues

Charges related to membership in any organization.

52118 Food Services

Expenses related to catered events, meals taken in restaurants, or food purchased from vendors to support office functions or needs.

52201 Domestic Travel

Expenses incurred while traveling on University business within the continental United States (e.g. food and lodging, transport expenses, registrations, etc.).

52301 Postage and Shipping

Postage and shipping charges including courier expenses (e.g. UPS, Federal Express).

52401 Printing and Duplicating

Printing and duplication expenses paid by outside parties.

52501 Telecommunications

Telephone charges associated with the procurement of telephone equipment, line, and local and long- distance services as well as internal charges from the Telecommunications Department.

54102 Computer Equipment

Costs associated with the purchase of computers. Supplies for personal computers and word processors are charged to Object 52101 under Office Supplies.

54105 Office Furniture and Equipment

Costs related to equipment and furniture that has a unit cost of $2,500.00 or more and an expected service life of more than 5 years. Specialized Object Codes

Specialized Object Codes

59901 Administrative Cost Allocation

To allocate a common or shared administrative cost among operating units. To accommodate internal charges between units. To record allocable cost transactions for sponsored programs. Also, to close out residual balances in projects.

59903 Facilities & Maintenance Cost Allocation

To allocate a common or shared facilities cost among operating units. To accommodate internal charges between units.

59905 Expenses Charged To Special Funds

To record the transfer/ allocation of expenses supported by endowment income, restricted gifts or special revenues from operating accounts (on budget) to other funds (off budget). Not to be used for sponsored grants and contracts.

59907 Funding Allocation

To facilitate current fiscal year changes to unit or project funding.

59909 FY Allocation and Transfers

Primarily for recording investment in or support for future projects. May also be used to correct prior years errors or to affect the close out of terminated projects or the transfer of programs to new areas of responsibility.

59911 FASB Classification

To facilitate classification requirements for external financial statements. (Financial Accounting Standards Board)

Construction Object Codes

The following unique object codes are to be used by facilities administration only.

59000 CIP-General Expenditures

59001 CIP-Design

59002 CIP-Construction

59003 CIP-Equipment/Furnishings

59004 CIP-Permits/Insurance

59005 CIP-Project Mgmt

59006 CIP-Contingency

59007 CIP-Legal and Zoning

59008 CIP-New Construction

59011 CIP-Special Site Problems

59012 CIP-Screening Requirements

59013 CIP-Relocations

59014 CIP-Hazardous Materials

59015 CIP-Purchase Existing Building

59016 CIP-Telecom

59017 CIP-Site/Landscaping

59018 CIP-Operational Maintenance

Note: Plant Funds are used for the purchase, construction, renewal, or replacement of property and equipment.