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Research Equipment Disposal

What items are considered "research equipment"?

Research equipment includes any apparatus used in a wet laboratory for research purposes, such as liquid scintillation counters, gas chromatographs, refrigerators, incubators, biosafety cabinets, and filters from biosafety cabinets, ductless fume hoods, and air purification systems.

How do I request disposal or recycling of my research equipment?

Complete the Lab Cleanout Request Form to initiate the equipment removal process.

Why are these special steps required to dispose or recycle my research equipment?

Research equipment often contains or is contaminated with regulated material that cannot be recycled or landfilled with other solid waste. These regulated items require special attention before AU Support Services or other external contractors can safely handle and dispose of these items.

My research equipment does not pose any risk to people or the environment. Do I still have to follow the process outlined on this page?

Yes. All research equipment, despite the hazard it may pose, is required to be reviewed by Risk Management prior to disposal by Support Services.

For more information, please contact:

Leanne Wright, MPH, CSP
Assistant Director
Environmental Health and Safety
Phone: 202-885-2007