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Relocating Laboratory Items

What is a “laboratory relocation”?

A laboratory relocation is the movement of research equipment, laboratory furniture, or research chemicals, within or outside of the laboratory space, that requires handling by persons unfamiliar with the day-to-day hazards present in that laboratory.

How do I request a relocation of items in my laboratory?

Complete the Lab Cleanout Request Form here and check the “item relocation” box near the top of the form. Provide a general description of the items to be relocated in the “List items to be removed” box.

Why do I have to initiate this request through Risk Management?

Risk Management will ensure that all items have been properly decontaminated so that it is safe for the individuals conducting the move to handle the equipment. Risk Management will also be available to the movers if they have any questions or concerns regarding the items they are handling.

For more information, please contact:

Leanne Wright, MPH, CSP
Assistant Director
Environmental Health and Safety
Phone: 202-885-2007