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Service Interruptions, Planned Outages, and Project Updates

Hamilton 306 and 309 Paint Project

On December 14 and December 15 from 6am to 6pm, Facilities Management will be painting and plastering rooms 306 and 309 in the Hamilton Building.

Robby Watson is in charge of this project and can reached on x2329 or email

Don Myers Building Lighting Programming 12/16/19

Lighting programming and maintenance is scheduled for the Don Myers Building on Monday, December 16th from 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. The work will affect all classrooms, labs, and collaboration spaces. No other systems will be affected during this work.

For additional details, Neal Santangelo is in charge of this project and can be reached at x1391 or email

Mary Graydon Center Terrace Level Power Outage

A partial power outage only affecting the Mary Graydon Center Terrace Level. is scheduled for Tuesday, December 17 at 9pm and ending Wednesday, December 18 at 6am. Please turn off all computers and kitchen equipment before the outage.

Gordon Schaeffer is manning this project and can be reached at 240-375-7598 or email (

No PARKING In Front of Osborn and Rear of Asbury

Due to planned construction activities for both the Hall of Science and LTHW projects, effective as of today, Tuesday May 7 and until further notice, parking will be prohibited for FM Staff and Workers in front of Osborn / rear of Asbury. All FM vehicles should park at the alternate location at WCL. Mark Feist recommends all staff assigned to AU vehicles to arrive at WCL for the start of your work day, park in the WCL underground parking level P2, pick up your work vehicle and return to WCL to end your work day. During break periods (only) all grounds, support services and recycling associate vehicles are able to park behind Osborn and in the open top area on the side of Osborn.

The following FM vehicles are required to use the alternate location at WCL: #122 (Pest Services) - Chris LaPlaca #82 (Ruben Chavez) #83 (Recycling Associates) #138 (Jessica Lubell)