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Service Interruptions, Planned Outages, and Project Updates

Anderson Hall Elevato #3 Out of Service

Friday November 16, Anderson Hall #3 elevator is out of service for repairs. Efforts are under way to make the needed repairs. It is unknown at this time when it is expected to be back in service. We will provide an update once the repairs have been completed. On behalf of Facilities Management, please pardon any inconvenience.

Steve Kriesten is overseeing this repair and can be reached on x2304 or by email.

Mary Graydon Center Facade Work

November 19 thru November 21 from 7am to 4pm daily, repair will start on the façade of MGC (facing McKinley). The work will have periods of loud noise and drilling throughout the day. Also welding will be taking place in MGC, room 5. The contractor will have the appropriate measures for all work to minimize any impact to the building but the noise/vibration will be an impact.

Eder Granados is in charge of this repair and can be reached on x2331 or by email.

Mary Graydon Center 3rd Floor Heater Adjustments

New radiant heaters in the Mary Graydon Center 3rd floor will have the final adjustments to the heaters by the contractor starting November 19 at 5am. If you have any equipment or material stored in front of the units, please move to one side. The work will not be disruptive as they will try to wrap up before everyone starts coming into work. They plan to wrap up no later than Wednesday, November 21.

Eder Granados is in charge of this project and can be reached on x2331 or by email

Katzen Hot Water Interruption

December 3rd from 6am to 9am hot water supply installation is scheduled for Katzen.. This interruption is necessary to replace defective valves on the hot water system. The domestic hot water (bathrooms, lounges, café etc. will

Hughes Hall Elevators Upgrade

Facilities Management will upgrade the elevators in Hughes Hall from September 10, 2018 to May 1, 2019. During this upgrade we will work on one elevator at a time.

For additional details contact Markus McEaddy who is in charge of this project and can be reached on x2306 or email.