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Service Interruptions/Planned Outages/Project Updates

Campus-Wide Seasonal Switchover from Cooling to Heating

American University’s Facilities Management will begin its annual switchover of campus HVAC systems from cooling to heating in all campus buildings beginning Tuesday, October 20 and continue over the next two weeks. 

Facilities Management will make the necessary temperature programming changes in each building, as most buildings on campus are not equipped with the option to switch automatically between cooling and heating. Bringing building heating systems online also will not take place simultaneously because of unique piping infrastructure of our campus and buildings. As a result, a staged conversion will be completed by Thursday, October 29, with all buildings being in heating mode at that time.

Mark Freedman will coordinate this process and can be reached on x2378 or email. ( 

Monday, July 6th the parking area between Letts and Clark Hall will be closed to place a trailer for the Campus Wide Chilled Water Master Plan Implementation 2020 project. The road between these buildings will remain open for vehicle and pedestrian traffic. The trailer and the associated parking space closure will remain in place through June 2021.

This has been approved by Parking and Commuter Services. Note that this will not close all of the parking outside of Letts, just the 11 spaces in the area between Letts and Clark.

Neal Santangelo is the project manager and can be contacted at his cell number 202-907-6624 or email