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Service Interruptions, Planned Outages, and Project Updates

Electrical Outages Due to Hall of Science Permanent Power

The Hall of Science project will transition to permanent power the week of July 17 thru July 19 with three separate power outages (+/- 5 minute duration) on three different days (July 17-19) between 4 am and 6 am. Generators providing emergency power will be unaffected. Hall of Science (Adam Maglich/ and FM personnel (Gordon Schaeffer/ will be on site monitoring the work.

Affected Buildings -July 17 - Anderson, Battelle Thompkins , Centennial, Clark, Gray, Hughes, Kay Spiritual, Kerwin, Kogod, Letts, Mary Graydon ,McCabe, McDowell , North Kogod, Roper • July 18 - Asbury, Battelle Thompkins, Beeghly, Cassell, East Quad, Hughes, Hurst, Kay Spiritual, Kerwin ,Kogod, Leonard, Mary Graydon, McDowell, McKinley, North Kogod, Osborne, POB, Sports Center, Butler Pavilion and Shops, Sports Center Annex, Vehicle Maintenance • July 19 -Anderson, Asbury, Beeghly, Cassell, Centennian, East Quad, Hurst, Leonard, Letts, McKinley, Osborne, POB, Sports Center, Butler Pavilion and Shops, Sports Center Annex, Vehicle Maintenance.

Please turn off all computers and sensitive equipment before the outage.

Hall of Science - Road Closure Due to Delivery

This message is sent on behalf of Planning Project Management, Marcus Hurley.

The roadway between the Hall of Science site and Centennial Hall will be closed to vehicular and pedestrian traffic from 7 am to 7 pm Tuesday July 16, for delivery of a large air handling unit. The campus shuttle will be rerouted during that time. Flaggers will be directing vehicular traffic around the work area during the day. Signage will alert pedestrian traffic to detours around closed sidewalks. There will be intermittent road closures (approx. 10-15 min) while the crane is loading and unloading trucks staging in the roadways south and east of the Hall of Science. McKinley Hall and Bender Library can be accessed via Fletcher Gate and the road east of Letts Hall. The Letts/Anderson courtyard will be accessible from the south, and access to the Centennial parking area will remain open at all times.

Hurst Electrical Project Notification

The electrical infrastructure in Hurst hall will be upgraded next week, July 15 through July 19, with five separate power outages. Dates, times, durations, and affected spaces are as follows: • Monday, July 15: 4-hour outage from 6-10AM affecting room B2, only. • Tuesday, July 16: 4-hour outage from 6-10AM affecting room B1, only. • Wednesday, July 17: 4-hour outage from 9AM-1PM affecting room B4, only. • Thursday, July 18: 4-hour outage from 6-10AM affecting room B3, only. • Thursday/Friday, July 18/19: 8-hour outage from 10PM-6AM affecting the entire building. All critical equipment is on emergency power and will be powered from the building generator during the outages. Please do not open any refrigerators or freezers during this time. Turn off all computers and other sensitive equipment not on emergency power before the outages. Please share this information with anyone who might be impacted. Electrical power restoration will be confirmed at the completion of the work each day.

Neal Santangelo is working on this project and can be reached at 617-633-1452 or email (

Window Washing Schedule 2019

Sent on behalf of Aramark Housekeeping for the annual window washing. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Maria Sanchez 703-928-4058 or Mirian Lazo 202-903-1377.

Interior and exterior window washing is schedule to start on Monday July 8 and ending Friday July 26 from 7am until 4pm daily in the administrative buildings and 10am - 4pm in the residential spaces. Please move all items from and around the windows. 

July 8-McKinley, Mary Graydon Center

July 9-Asbury/Boiler Room, Media Production Center, Kreeger, Clark

July 10-Kogod (exterior only), Battelle Tompkins, Congressional

July 11- Butler Pavilion and Sports Center Arena, Beeghly, Watkins

July 12-POB (7am, will call P. Safety for access), Katzen, Kerwin, Hurst

July 15- SIS, Federal July 16-EQB, Letts July 17-4401 Connecticut Ave, McDowell

July 18- Leonard, Provost, Sports Center Annex, Kay

July 19-Don Myers, Anderson Hall July 22-Roper, Hamilton, Jack Child, Bender Library, Spring Valley

July 23- CDC, Centennial July 24-McCabe, Cassell July 25-Osborn, Nebraska July 26-Gray, Constitution

Annual Fire Alarm Testing

Annual testing the fire alarm systems in the academic buildings and the Butler Shops. During this process, bells will be ringing and strobe lights flashing. Please share this information with your staff or anyone who might be impacted. Gordon Schaeffer is overseeing this project and can be reached at 240-375-7598 or by email ( Schedule June 8h through July 27, 2019

Saturday June 8 -6 am-6 pm -Kerwin Hall, Hurst, East Quad, SIS

Saturday June 15th 6am-6pm- Bender Library, McKinley, Clark, Gray, McCabe

Saturday June 22- 6:00am-6:pm- MGC, Battelle, all of KOGOD, Kay Spiritual. Sports Center Annex

Saturday July 13th- 6:00am-6:pm-Rockwood, Jack Childs, Hamilton, Kreeger, Watkins, CDC, Broadcast/Transmitter Building, Beeghly

Sunday July 21- 6:00am-6:pm 4401 Connecticut Avenue (6am-8am), Spring Valley, Katzen

Saturday July 27 at 10pm thru Sunday July 28 at 8am • Asbury, Sports Center, Butler Pavilion Shops

Modified Parking Due to Construction In Front of Osborn and Rear of Asbury

Due to planned construction activities for both the Hall of Science and LTHW projects, effective as of today, Tuesday May 7 and until further notice, parking will be prohibited for FM Staff and Workers in front of Osborn / rear of Asbury. All FM vehicles should park at the alternate location at WCL. Mark Feist recommends all staff assigned to AU vehicles to arrive at WCL for the start of your work day, park in the WCL underground parking level P2, pick up your work vehicle and return to WCL to end your work day. During break periods (only) all grounds, support services and recycling associate vehicles are able to park behind Osborn and in the open top area on the side of Osborn.

The following FM vehicles are required to use the alternate location at WCL: #122 (Pest Services) - Chris LaPlaca #82 (Ruben Chavez) #83 (Recycling Associates) #138 (Jessica Lubell)