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Receiving Mail for Students

Letter Mail

All letters delivered by Mail Services are distributed to your room's specific mailbox in your residence hall. For this reason, Mail Services requires that all mail sent to residents include your residence hall and room number. Failure to do so will result in significant delays in mail delivery. Additionally, your mail might be returned to sender erroneously.

Please do not use nicknames. Use only your full legal name and middle initial for all incoming mail.

Please use the proper return address when sending mail. This includes your full name and complete address.

Each residence hall has its own nine-digit Zip Code. The four-digit extension should be on every piece of mail you receive. Listed below are the complete Zip Codes for each residence hall.

Table listing residence halls and their unique zip codes
Residence Hall Zip Code
Anderson Hall 20016-8101
Cassell Hall 20016-8035
Centennial Hall 20016-8102
Clark Hall 20016-8138
Congressional Hall 20016-8132
Constitution Hall 20016-8131
Federal Hall 20016-8133
Hughes Hall 20016-8105
Leonard Hall 20016-8103
Letts Hall 20016-8104
McDowell Hall 20016-8106
Nebraska Hall 20016-8114
Roper Hall 20016-8129

Package Mail

All accountable packages and non-accountable packages are received by Mail Services at 4400 Massachusetts Avenue, NW, Washington, DC from the United States Postal Service. Packages are scanned into the university's Package Tracking System for student identification and sorting. Mail Services delivers packages to the individual halls where they are signed for by a Front Desk resident hall staff member (with the exception of Clark and Roper buildings, whose packages are delivered to Letts). The resident hall staff member will scan the packages for receipt prompting an e-mail notice to students' AU e-mail addresses, notifying them of a package(s) at the Front Desk for pick-up.


  • Accountable Packages - A box or letter with a unique tracking number with a bar code, and affixed by a label.
  • Non-Accountable Package - A box or letter without a unique tracking number or bar code.

All Delivery Services (FedEx, Airborne Express, UPS etc.) deliver directly to the individual hall's front desk. A resident hall staff member will then notify the student via e-mail. (Contact the delivery companies directly with questions or concerns about your packages)

Addressing Student Mail

AU Student
Your Residence Hall #123
4400 Massachusetts Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20016-81xx

Mail Distribution Standards and Times

Delivered same day if received by 12 p.m.

  • USPS overnight Express Mail

Delivered within 24 hours - After receipt in the mail center

  • Campus Mail
  • First Class letters
  • First Class flats
  • Parcels
  • Accountable Mail (certified, insured, registered)

Delivered within Three Business Days - After receipt in the mail center

  • Second Class Publications
  • Third Class Standard Mail (business bulk mail)