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Student Flyer Distribution

Student Organizations Guidelines for Flyer Distribution

  • Obtain an approval stamp from either Housing & Dining or Student Activities

  • Bring approved flyers to Mail Services at 3201 New Avenue NW, Room B-2 for distribution

  • Flyers must be submitted four business days in advance

  • Flyers will be delivered to the boxes on a first-come first-served basis

  • Flyer sizes are determined by Housing and Dining

  • Flyers must be separated and bundled for individual residential halls

Mail Services will do its best to get flyers delivered by their requested time, but please allow additional time for organizations submitting multiple flyers.


Resident Mail Flyer Count

Residence Hall Total Mailboxes Campus Code Extension #
Anderson Hall 415 Mailboxes 8101 7700
Cassell Hall160 Mailboxes
Centennial Hall 216 Mailboxes 8102 7700
Clark Hall
33 Mailboxes
Hughes Hall
168 Mailboxes
Leonard Hall
196 Mailboxes
Letts Hall 312 Mailboxes 8104 7704
McDowell Hall196 Mailboxes
Nebraska Hall
270 Mailboxes
Roper Hall
35 Mailboxes
2,001 Mailboxes