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Memorandum August 19, 2021

All Campus Security Authorities
Phillip Morse, Assistant Vice President of University Police and Emergency Management
Notification of Role as Campus Security Authority

Dear Recipient,

Your assistance is crucial in this institution’s obligation to comply with the federal law known as the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act (Clery Act). Among other things, the law requires the University to compile and publish timely warnings and an annual security report containing statistics concerning the occurrence of the following criminal offenses reported to campus or local police agencies or any official of the institution who has significant responsibility for student and campus activities: 1) murder and non-negligent manslaughter; 2) manslaughter by negligence; 3) forcible and non-forcible sex offenses to include rape, fondling, incest and statutory rape; 4) robbery; 5) aggravated assault; 6) burglary; 7) motor vehicle theft; 8) arson; 9) hate crimes; 10) domestic violence; 11) dating violence; and 10) stalking (see attached disclosure form)

Additionally, the law requires the University to publish statistics concerning the number of individuals arrested or referred for campus disciplinary action for the following: 1) liquor law violations; 2) drug law violations; and 3) illegal weapons possession.

The American University Police Department coordinates the University’s efforts to comply with the Clery Act. You have been identified as an official of this institution who has significant responsibility for student and campus activities. The terminology for this designation is Campus Security Authority (CSA). The following personnel have been included in this identification: 1) American University Police Department personnel; 2) deans of academic units; 3) directors and department heads of administrative units; 4) team coaches; 5) faculty/staff advisors to student groups; and 6) residence hall staff. Accordingly, your cooperation is required to ensure full compliance with the Clery Act.

If you have received this notice, please be advised that a response is compulsory. Please forward this letter to residence hall staff who monitor access to dormitories, team coaches, faculty advisors to student groups, directors, department heads, and those within your area of responsibility that fit the criteria and request they respond directly to you. Their responses to you should be incorporated into your response to the AUPD.

As part of its responsibilities, the AUPD coordinates statistics concerning the occurrence of reportable offenses, which have occurred on campus, in certain off campus locations and on adjacent public property. In order to ensure the accuracy of the University’s crime reporting, it is important you immediately notify the AUPD of any such offenses reported to your office.

Please note professional and pastoral counselors are exempt from the reporting requirements when: 1) their official responsibilities include providing mental health counseling to members of the institution’s community; and 2) they are functioning within the scope of their valid license or certification. A copy of your license or certification should be forwarded by email to

Attached is an Incident Report Form which should be used to describe each incident reported to your office that has not already been reported to the American University Police Department. You should use this form to report incidents which have been reported to you. The form requests the information needed for the University to classify and categorize the requisite statistical data in its crime statistics report and to make timely reports to the campus community on crimes considered to be a threat to students and employees. Definitions are also attached to assist you in completing the form. Please note you do not need to identify individuals involved in an incident. The form may be photocopied or reprinted if you have more than one incident to report.

IMPORTANT FOR 2019 INCIDENTS: If you were previously listed as a campus security authority and have any incidents to report for calendar year 2020(January 1 through December 31) that you have not previously reported, please complete the form and return it to by August 30, 2021.

Please note that we will not be offering in-person Clery Act training sessions. All relevant information can be found in the accompanying Power Point presentation. If you have any question about the Incident Report Form or the reporting process or if you would like to discuss the specifics of an incident, please feel free to contact the Clery Compliance Coordinator at (202-885-6820 or 202-885-6814); or

To comply with federal guidelines, Incident Report Forms should be completed and returned to: The Assistant Vice President of University Police and Emergency Management, American University, American University Police Department, 3501 Nebraska Avenue NW, Don Myers Building Suite T-18 Washington DC 20016. Forms may also be completed and submitted electronically by email to

Your cooperation in this effort is greatly appreciated.