Memorandum December 9, 2022

Faculty, Staff, and Student Workers
Phillip Harris, Associate Director, Payroll Office
Important Year-End Payroll and Tax-Related Deadlines

As the year draws to a close, please note the following Payroll and tax-related information to ensure that you get paid on time and receive your 2022 W-2 Forms in January:

Timesheet deadlines

The biweekly and monthly payrolls for December operate on a compressed processing schedule in preparation for the winter holiday from December 24 through January 2. The last paycheck in 2022 will be dated December 23 for biweekly employees and December 30 for monthly employees.

Please note that biweekly employees will be required to estimate their time for the week ending December 23 and submit timesheets by the December 16 deadline. Any necessary adjustments should be sent to to be processed on a subsequent pay cycle.

Mark Your Calendars: End-of-Year Payroll Deadlines

Timesheets and Leave Reports Due:

Biweekly Employees

  • Pay period ending Dec. 9: Timesheets due Dec. 9
  • Pay period ending Dec. 23: Timesheets due Dec. 16

Monthly Employees

  • Pay period ending Nov. 30: Leave reports due Dec. 1
  • Pay period ending Dec. 31: Leave reports due Jan. 3

W-2 Due Dates for All Employees

  • W-2 Electronic Consent Due (only if you have not previously opted for an electronic W-2): Dec. 16
  • Updated mailing address for paper W-2 due: Dec. 16

Opt-In to receive your 2022 W-2 forms electronically 

If you are an active employee and wish to receive your W-2 forms electronically, be sure to “Opt-in” through the myAU portal by December 16

To “Opt-in”: 

  • Log into the myAU portal. 
  • Go to Personalized Links and select Work@AU. 
  • Click the “W-2 Electronic Consent” and select “Opt-In” to receive your W-2 electronically or “Opt-Out” to receive a paper copy of your W-2 and click “Submit.” 

You may verify your election by clicking on the “W-2 Electronic Consent” again and reviewing the “Consent History’ section. You must give consent to receive an electronic W-2. You may change your election at any time. 

If you have opted for an electronic W-2 form previously, you will receive notice automatically when the electronic form is available – no action is required unless you prefer to change your delivery method to a paper copy. 

  • Electronic W-2 forms are expected to be released in mid-January 2023. 
  • Paper W-2 form will be mailed and received by January 31, 2023 as required by the IRS.

Active employees who “Opted-Out,” or did not complete the electronic consent to “Opt-In” by December 16, as well as inactive employees, will receive a paper version of the W-2 form.  Please allow up to eight days after January 31 to receive your paper version. If you have any changes to your mailing address, submit your changes online by December 16 as follows: 

Faculty and Staff (non-students)

  • Log into myAU portal
  • Go to Personalized Links and select Work@AU. 
  • Select Contact Information – Employees.
  • Click on Change Personal Data button. You will be directed to the online Personal Data Change Form. 
  • Answer the appropriate questions and submit. 


  • Log into myAU portal
  • Under Personalized links, search for Contact Information - Students.
  • Click the corresponding link that appears in the results.
  • Click Change next to the information you want updated.
  • Follow the instructions on screen to complete the change.
  • If you encounter any issues updating your address, please reach out to AU Central at (202) 885-8000 or for assistance. You also can use the self-service portal at 

Change of Address Do's and Don'ts

Make sure to put your address in a standard format, including room or apartment number when applicable. And don't forget to put in city, abbreviated state, and ZIP Code in one line:

Apt 3123 E Main St
Washington, DC 20016

PLEASE NOTE: changing your address for mailing purposes will NOT change your payroll tax withholdings.

If you have questions about submissions of timesheets, leave reports, how to opt-in to receive an electronic W-2 form, changing your mailing address, or any other payroll questions, please contact or 202-885-3520.