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Project Status as of July 17, 2013

4401 Connecticut Avenue: Remodeling of 4401 Connecticut Avenue is nearing completion. A portion of the WAMU staff have relocated into office space at 4401. University Communications and Marketing staff have moved from Constitution Building on the Tenley Campus to 4401. The Office of Development and Alumni Relation will relocate from 4200 Wisconsin Avenue to 4401 Conn. Ave. in the next couple of weeks. Installation, testing and training on the broadcast equipment to be completed in September.

McKinley Remodeling - School of Communication: Sigal Construction is the contractor. Construction is well underway. Completion is expected in December 2013.

Sports Center: Construction is underway for locker rooms remodeling. EYP is the architect/engineer. Davis Construction is the Construction Manager. August 2013 construction completion is planned.

East Campus: Design is underway. Little Diversified is the Architect. SKANSKA has been chosen as Construction Manager. Construction to start after commencement 2014. Completion by July 2016.

Nebraska Hall Addition: Grunley Construction is the General Contractor. Construction is nearing completion. Interior finishes are in progress. Completion is scheduled for August 2013.

Cassell Hall: Grunley Construction was selected as the Construction Manager for this project. Construction is nearing completion. Interior finish work progressing. Completion is scheduled for early August 2013.

Washington College of Law at Tenley Campus: Construction has begun. Whiting -Turner selected as Construction Manager. Completion expected by July 2015.

3201 New Mexico Ave. North Plaza: Design for the repair of the waterproofing and replacement of the pavers is underway. Construction to take place in late Fall 2013.

MGC Terrace Seating Expansion: In construction. The expansion of the seating area by relocating administrative office from the terrace level is expected to be complete by mid-August.

Ward First Floor Remodeling: In progress. Work to be complete during the summer of 2013. Project consists of new furnishings and graphics with SPA branding to screen food vending area. The lobby will be painted and electronics installed.

Asbury Third Floor Remodeling: In design. Construction drawings are complete. Permit application to be submitted July 19. Construction to be complete in September.

Other Projects in Progress: EQB second floor classroom partition will be constructed starting July 29, SIS remodeling for office space to start in July, Jacobs Fitness Center Office is complete, Bender Library Planning has started, Brandywine Remodeling for SPExS is under construction and MGC 260 remodeling is expected to start soon.