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Payroll -  FAQs for Paychecks and Direct Deposit


Payroll Office
Fax: 202-885-1033
New Mexico, Room 350

9:00am to 5:00pm

Payroll Office
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FAQ for Paychecks and Direct Deposit

1. My check was lost/misplace/stolen. How can I replace it?

Complete the Stop Payment Request Form with the specific details on the missing check and provide it to the Payroll Office.
Note: Stop payments usually take three to five days to be processed. Then Payroll will issue a replacement check.

 2. Can someone else pick up my paycheck? 

Yes, however the Payroll Office requires a written request (preferably by email) with the name of the person picking up the check.
Note: the person picking up the check will be asked to provide proof of identity and sign a form indicating they are picking up the check.

 3. I closed my bank account. Where will you send my payment? 

If you have submitted a "Stop Direct Deposit" request on time, your check will be sent to your primary department. If you have multiple jobs on campus, please contact the Payroll Office for verification. If you did not contact the Payroll office in time to stop the direct deposit of your pay, you will need to notify Payroll and submit a new Online Direct Deposit Application, closing the account. When we receive the funds from your bank, we will issue a replacement check. It may take up to a week to receive the funds back from the bank.

 4. I have multiple jobs on campus. Is it possible to change my pay station? Where should I pick up my check? 

Pay station changes can be made at any time by HR/Payroll Office staff, but we will need you to make a written request (preferably by email). Paychecks are usually designated to be sent to the primary position held on campus. To avoid delays on payment, we suggest that you sign up for direct deposit.

  5. I was a full time employee and I resigned last week. When will I receive my check? 

If you have completed your final Time Sheet/Leave Report and your supervisor has approved it, the Payroll Office will prepare and mail your check to your home address within five working days.

  6. I was involuntarily separated from my job. When can I expect to receive my final paycheck? 

You will receive your check within 24 hours upon separation from the university.

  7. I worked but I did not receive a paycheck. Can you help me? 

Did you and your supervisor complete a Time Sheet? If yes, did you sign up for Direct Deposit for that pay period? If you did, your money has most likely been sent to your bank. To verify, log onto the HR/Payroll Connection on the AU portal. Then click on Payroll,  and then click on Pay Advices.

If we issued a paper check, did you work previously in another department? Often, pay stations are not updated to reflect your current position. Contact the Payroll Office for more information.

  8. My paycheck/pay advice appears to be incorrect. What should I do? 

Please contact the Payroll Office for further investigation. Explain why you think amount on the check/pay advice is incorrect.

  9. Can you mail my check one time to my home address instead of my in-session address?

Payroll Specialists may be able to manually place a check on "Hold" for pick up or mail it to a different address depending on when the request is placed. Submit a request in writing (preferably by email) to the HR/Payroll Office for a temporary address change.