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Payroll - W2, W2C, 1042S and Other Forms


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W2, W2C, 1042S and Other Forms

Each year, wages, compensation, and other taxable income must be reported to every individual who has been paid. There are different forms issued for different types of payments.  

If you are employed by the university, you will have taxes withheld from your wages, compensation, and other taxable income. At the end of the year, the Payroll office will issue a you W2 or 1042S form. The W2 form is used to report all wages, compensation, and other taxable income, as well as the taxes withheld for employees. The 1042S form is issued to foreign nationals with tax treaties or special tax percentages withheld on their income. Occasionally, reported wages, compensation, and other taxable income may be incorrect. When this information needs to be corrected, the Payroll office will issue a W2C form or a corrected 1042S form. For further information regarding these forms, see the web pages below. 

Additionally, the university issues other calendar year end forms. These forms are a 1099 and a 1098T which are issued by other departments.

 The Accounts Payable department issues payments for taxable income to individuals who are receiving honoraria payments or are working as independent contractors. These payments have no tax withheld but must be reported to the IRS as the income is taxable. A 1099 form is issued if the payment amount is $600 or greater. Regardless of whether the individual receives a 1099 form or not, amounts paid for honoraria or independent contractors must be reported on their income tax return. Further questions about 1099 forms should be directed to the Accounts Payable Department. 

With a few exceptions, the 1098T form is issued by the Student Accounts office for every student enrolled and for whom a reportable transaction is made.  This form should be used by the individual when filing their income tax returns. Further information about the 1098T form should be directed to the Student Accounts office.

 The following web pages are provided to assist in understanding information about the calendar year end forms issued by the Payroll Office only. 

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