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Earnings and Other Compensation

American University pays a wide range of earning types to faculty, staff and students. Depending on the earning types, payments are processed through either a monthly or biweekly payroll. The monthly payroll consists of full time faculty, salaried staff, taxable graduate awards and other stipend type payments. The biweekly payroll consists of full time hourly staff, regular part time, student part time, federal work study and adjunct faculty. Additionally, the university pays various other types of payments such as housing, taxable moving expenses and taxable awards. Earning types can be either exempt or non exempt from overtime pay (hours worked over 40 hours). Below is a chart to help in understanding the earnings types the university currently pays.

'Other Compensation' refers to taxable benefits received by a faculty/staff member. This compensation can include tuition remission, gift cards, and/or other fringe benefits. This compensation is usually added to the person's taxable amount in order to properly calculate appropriate tax withholding.

Payment Type, Exempt Status, Reporting Requirements, and Pay Cycle types
Payment Type Exempt/Non-Exempt Reporting Requirement Pay Cycle
Salaried Faculty - FT Exempt None required Monthly
Salaried Staff - FT Exempt Most require a Leave Report Monthly
Hourly Staff - FT Non Exempt Timesheet Biweekly
Hourly Staff - PT Non Exempt Timesheet Biweekly
Hourly Staff - Student Non Exempt Timesheet Biweekly
Federal Work Study Non Exempt Timesheet Biweekly
Stipends n/a None required with stipends n/a
Additional Duties Exempt unless employee non exempt n/a Both
Chair Stipends Exempt n/a Monthly
* GFA Awards Exempt n/a Monthly
* Adjunct Faculty Exempt n/a Biweekly
Teaching Assistants Exempt n/a Monthly
* Resident Advisors Exempt n/a Monthly
* Performance Awards Exempt n/a Both
Housing Allowance Exempt n/a Monthly
Taxable Moving Expense Exempt n/a Monthly
Other Special Payments Exempt n/a Monthly
* Scholarships/Fellowships Exempt n/a Monthly
* Subject to whether the person is a foreign national with tax treaty and/or Visa is type F, J, M, or Q.