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Paper Checks

The Payroll Office offers legacy paper checks for employees who have not signed up for direct deposit.


Unless specified otherwise, paychecks are distributed to departments by mail services based on the employee's primary position and the paycheck distribution code maintained in the Colleague HR system. You will need to check with your department to see specifically where you can obtain your check.

Employees wishing to change where and how they receive their paychecks may do so by completing a Personal Data Change Form. You can access this form through the myAU Portal (Login Required). Submit the completed form to the HR Front Desk (email address).

Note: If checks cannot be delivered to the department, mail services will return the checks to the Payroll Office for pickup by the department at a later time. Thereafter, the department can either request the checks be resent via campus mail or be picked up by a department representative. Employee's picking up their own check from the reception desk of Human Resources and Payroll must provide identification and sign the "Pickup Verification Form for Paychecks" sheet indicating they have received their check.

Lost Checks

If you have lost your check, or your check has been damaged or destroyed in some way, please contact the Payroll Office as soon as possible by phone at (202) 885-3520.

Expired Checks

The Payroll Office monitors checks that have been issued, but not presented for payment. If a payroll check has not been cashed within 180 days of the issue date, is damaged or misplaced, you must notify the Payroll Office. When the Payroll Office receives a check that is older than 180 days of the issue date, it will be verified that the check had not been previously replaced or is indeed due the employee. Once verified, the Payroll Office will generate a replacement check as soon as possible. Notification of any checks that have been lost or misplaced must also be verified that they have not been previously replaced. If it has not been previously replaced, the Payroll Office will submit a stop payment on the check to the bank. A replacement check will be issued within 48-72 hours after placing the stop payment. Damaged checks should be returned to the Payroll Office and can be replaced within 48-72 hours.

Unclaimed Paychecks

Dependent upon the state an employee resides in when the payroll check is generated, the university is required by law to send one year or older unclaimed paycheck records and amounts to the appropriate state government. These unclaimed payroll checks are turned over to the appropriate state government by November 1st. Payroll makes several attempts to notify employees with unclaimed checks. It is the employee's responsibility to keep his/her address up to date and communicate to the Payroll Office to receive unclaimed paychecks. Once the check has been designated as unclaimed, it will be sent to the unclaimed property office of the employee's last known place of residence (Note: A Maryland law requires us to send Maryland residents' unclaimed property to the District of Colombia.)

Pay Advices

Electronic pay advices are available through HR/Payroll Connection on the myAU Portal (Login Required). Once logged in to HR/Payroll Connection, select Payroll, then select Pay Advices. Employees can review their pay advices for both current and prior pay periods, and for payments made by check or direct deposit.