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Pay Advices

The Payroll Office issues all pay advices (also referred to as earnings statements or pay stubs) electronically through HR/Payroll Connection. These are available for employees to view and print through the 'Payroll' menu. The advices contain all pertinent information related to an employees earnings and deductions.

A breakdown of the pay advice is provided below to assist employees in understanding their payments.

Need a Pay Stub?

If you need a pay stub for proof of income, use the on-screen 'Print' button to generate a printable pay advice. Using your browser's print button will not generate an appropriate pay advice.

Understanding your pay advice

All university paychecks and direct deposit advices include information related to pay period and year-to-date earnings, deductions and benefits. The information in the following section defines data provided in each of four sections of the pay advice.

Direct Deposit Advice

Table shows an example of a direct deposit advice, with address, date, amount deposited, and so on
4400 Massachusetts Ave NW Account/Amount AU ID: 1234567
Apt XYZ ****1234 879.74 Pay End Date: 09/08/2017
Washington, DC 20016 Advice Date: 09/22/2017
Advice Number: 123456
Net Amount: $879.74

The top of your pay advice will display the following information:

Home/In-Session Address
This address is your home address and for students it will be their in-session address
Pay Type (Check or Deposit)
If the payment was direct deposited, the last four digits of the bank account number and the amount deposited will be displayed
ID number only displays when printed
Pay period end date
The last day of the reporting period you were paid for
Advice/Check Date
The actual date the payment was made
Advice/Check Number
The number that identifies the payment
Net Amount
The amount actually paid
Sample line from a pay advice, showing leave and tax information for the current pay check
Vacation Balance Var. Hol. Balance Sick Leave Balance Federal Exempt Additional Fed. Tax State Code State Exempt Additional State Tax
19.48 14.00 43.98 S 01 5.00 DC 00 5.00

Information pertinent to leave and tax withholding is contained in this section:

Vacation Balance
The total hours of vacation available to use.
Variable Holiday Balance
The total amount of variable holiday hours available for use. Note: You may only take this time in a full day increments. Leave must be earned during the fiscal year. One day for each six months worked (May 1st to October 31st and November 1st to April 30th). Leave can used at any time, but if you leave the university prior to the time needed to earn the time, you will have to pay this time back.
Sick Leave Balance
The total hours of sick leave available to use.
Federal Exemptions
The number of exemptions you have claimed on the W-4 form you submitted to the HR/Payroll Office. Note: If you do not see a number, then the Payroll Office has not received/processed a W-4 form for you and are withholding at the highest rate per IRS regulations. If you see S XX where XX corresponds to the calendar year (ie: S 17 for 2017), then you have elected to be exempt from tax withholding.
Additional Federal Tax
The amount of additional money you have requested to be added to your regular withholding amounts per your W-4 form.
State Code
The state where taxes are currently being withheld to. If this state does not match where your tax liability is due, please contact the Payroll Office.
State Exemptions
The number of exemptions you filed on the state withholding form submitted to the HR/Payroll Office.
Additional State Tax
The amount of additional money you have requested to be added to your regular withholding amounts per your state withholding form.
Table showing examples of earnings and tax deductions in a pay advice
Gross Earnings Fed. Taxable Amount F.I.C.A. Federal W/H Tax State W/H Tax Other Deductions Net Pay
Current 1,250.20 1,154.47 93.10 123.90 57.73 95.73 879.74
Y-T-D 19,703.94 18,297.28 1,365.26 1,901.15 933.50 1,406.66 14,097.37

Reflects the current period and the year-to-date (Y-T-D) amounts. Year-to-date is calculated based on earnings and deductions within the calendar year of payment.

Gross Earnings
The actual total amount paid for all earnings in this pay period
Federal Taxable Earnings
The taxable earnings that will be reported on the applicable year's W-2 form. This amount is derived from the gross wages - pretax deductions + taxable income (ie: tution remission, when applicable)
Combined Social Security and Medicare taxes withheld. Note: The University matches employee contributions sent to the Social Security Administration
Federal Withholding Tax
Federal tax withheld for this pay. Taxes are withheld per the employee's selection on their W-4 form, which are referenced against the payroll system's tax tables during payment calculation.
State Withholding Tax
State tax withheld for this pay. Taxes are withheld per the employee's selection on their state withholding form, which are referenced against the payroll system's tax tables during payment calculation.
Other Deductions
Combined totals of all benefits and deductions withheld from pay.
Net Pay
Actual amount paid (Gross earnings less FICA, Federal Tax, State Tax and other deductions).
Table showing how earnings, such as wages, sick leave, etc., and deductions, such as health insurance, Medicare, etc., show up in a pay advice
Earnings Deductions
Description Hours Current Y-T-D Description Current Y-T-D
Regular Earnings 70.00 1,250.00 17,529.59 BCBS Medical Ind PreTax 33.22 531.52
Student Earnings - Fica Exempt 0.00 0.00 1,529.59 Ret Match Pre-Tax 62.51 875.14
Admin. Pay W/Benefits 0.00 0.00 35.59 FICA - Medicare 17.65 258.82
Sick Leave 0.00 0.00 62.51 FICA - Soc Security 75.45 1,106.44
Vacation leave 0.00 0.00 500.08 Federal W/H Tax Single 123.90 1,901.15
Holiday Pay 0.00 0.00 250.04 DC W/H Tax - Single 57.73 933.50

The bottom portion of the pay advice contains all pertinent employee earnings and deductions with their period and year-to-date amounts.


  • Description of earnings paid
  • Related hours
  • Related current pay
  • Related Y-T-D pay


  • Description of deduction
  • Related current deduction amount
  • Related Y-T-D deduction amount