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The American University Payroll Office is dedicated to providing excellent service to all faculty, staff and student employees by posting a payroll schedule of the deadlines that must be met to ensure accurate and timely payments. We've provided a list of other important dates that are related to payroll, taxes and leave balances.

Biweekly Payroll
Monthly Payroll
Adjunct Faculty

Biweekly Payroll Schedule(January - June 2024)

All business processes and pay inputs must be submitted to payroll by close of business, at least four (4) business days before pay day.

For the biweekly payroll, this is typically the Monday before pay day, but may occasionally be the Friday before pay day on weeks when a university holiday occurs.

Biweekly Payroll Schedule for April through June
Pay Period Timesheet Approvals Due By End of Day Pay Day Retroactive Adjustment Period***
Timesheets Unlock
Retroactive Adjustment Period***
Close Time Entry

Dec 23 - Jan 5

January 9

January 19

January 18

February 16

Jan 6 - Jan 19

January 23

February 2

February 1

March 1

Jan 20 - Feb 2

February 6

February 16

February 15

March 15

Feb 3 - Feb 16

February 20

March 1

February 29

March 29

Feb 17 - Mar 1

March 5

March 15

March 14

April 12

Mar 2 - Mar 15

March 18

March 22

March 21

April 26

Mar 16 - Mar 29

April 1

April 5

April 4

May 10

Mar 30 - Apr 12

April 15

April 19

April 18

May 24

Apr 13 - Apr 26

April 29

May 3

May 2

June 7

Apr 27 - May 10

May 13

May 17

May 16

June 21

May 11 - May 24

May 27

May 31

May 30

July 5

May 25 - Jun 7

June 8

June 14

June 13

August 5

Jun 8 - Jun 21

June 22

June 28

June 27

August 19

***Workday allows self-service adjustments to time entered. Adjustments will appear on the next regularly scheduled paycheck. For adjustments needed after the Close Time Entry date, please contact

The biweekly pay schedule will change from two weeks to one week after the last day of the pay period, starting March 22, 2024.

A printable PDF is also available

Monthly Payroll Schedule(January - June 2024)

All business processes and pay input must be submitted to payroll by close of business, at least four (4) business days before pay day. 

Monthly Payroll Schedule, April through July)
Pay Period Changes Due End of Day Pay Day
Jan 1 - Jan 31 - January 31
Feb 1 - Feb 29 - February 29
Mar 1 - Mar 31 - March 29
Apr 1 - Apr 30 April 24 April 30
May 1 - May 31 May 24 May 31
Jun 1 - Jun 30 June 24 June 28
Time Off Approvals in Workday:
Time Off requests should be submitted in advance for annual leave and for sick leave as soon as possible; requests will be charged against the balance when it occurs.
Managers should monitor their Workday inbox to regularly approve Time Off requests.

A printable PDF is also available.

Adjunct Faculty Biweekly Payroll

Adjunct faculty are paid on a variety of biweekly and monthly schedules depending on the position and the period of instruction. You can view your schedule in Workday by doing the following:

View Your Payment Details in Workday

  1. After logging into Workday, click on the profile icon in the upper right-hand corner of the Workday screen. 
  2. Click on View Profile.
  3. Click on Compensation in the menu on the left-hand side of the screen.
  4. Click on Current Activity Pay tab at the top of the screen.
  5. Click on the View Payment Details button.
  6. The Period Activity Payment Details screen will display: 
    1. the total Scheduled Amount to be paid
    2. the Payment Amount to be included in each paycheck
    3. the Scheduled Date* (which is the end of the biweekly pay period in the example below)
    4. the Paid Date

Adjunct pay in Workday

* To determine the payment date for upcoming payments, the Scheduled Date on the Period Activity Payment Details screen will correspond to the last day of the pay period on the biweekly schedule tab (for most adjuncts) or the monthly schedule tab (for adjuncts who have primary postitions at AU that are on the monthly pay schedule).

Not sure which pay group you are in? 

From your Workday profile: 

  1. Click on Job on the left-hand menu. 
  2. Click on the Organizations tab at the top of the screen. 
  3. Scroll down to the Pay Group Organization Type
  4. The Monthly or Biweekly pay group will be listed in the Organization column. 

Adjunct Faculty Holding Staff Positions at the University 

For adjunct faculty who also hold full time positions at American University, pay groups are assigned based on the adjunct’s primary role.  This means if you are a salaried employee on the monthly payroll, the pay for your adjunct position will also be paid on the same paycheck as your primary position. Similarly, employees who hold a primary role that is paid on the biweekly payroll will receive their adjunct pay on the biweekly payroll along with the wages for their primary position. 

Can I receive my adjunct pay on a different schedule from my primary role? 

Unlike our previous payroll system, Workday is configured to only allow employees to be in one pay group (that is, either biweekly or monthly). This is current best practice as it results in the most accurate tax withholding per Internal Revenue Service (IRS) guidelines and avoids under withholding taxes for employees, which can lead to underpayment penalties. 

How can I minimize my tax liability? 

If you have concerns about the taxes being withheld from your pay, you have the option to adjust your tax withholdings. Unfortunately, the university is not allowed to give tax advice. Given the complexity of tax matters and potential impact on employee finances, we highly recommend that employees consider seeking guidance from a qualified tax advisor.  

Additional Resources: 

Important Employment Dates

Employees should be aware of the following dates that pertain to their payment processing.

Employees may rollover 15 days of vacation leave into the new fiscal year. Any vacation leave in excess of 15 days by this date will be forfeited and should be used before then.

Non-student employees who have moved addresses or changed telephone numbers within the last year should submit a personal data change form so that Human Resources and the Payroll Office can send employment documents to the correct address. Student employees should not use this form, and instead should update their address through the myAU Portal. 

The Payroll Office undergoes a compressed processing schedule in December to accommodate the winter holiday. Please be sure to view the Payroll Schedule for your respective pay cycle and submit paperwork according to the deadlines on the schedule. 

Important Tax Dates

Employees should be aware of the following dates that pertain to tax filing and withholding.

All American University employees can expect to receive their W-2 from the Payroll Office by January 31st, if not earlier. Employees who consent to receive their W-2 electronically will receive the document before employees who elected to receive a paper copy. For more information, click here.

Income tax returns are due to Federal and State agencies for all employees who have received wages unless you have filed for an extension. Note: Any amounts due must be paid by this date even if you file for an extension.