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Tax Withholding

American University is required by law to withhold taxes from various types of earnings paid to our faculty, staff and students. These earnings are paid through monthly and biweekly payrolls. After each payroll processing, the taxes withheld are sent to federal and state agencies on behalf of the employee. At the end of each calendar year, Payroll reports annual income and tax withheld on a form W-2 or 1042S. Faculty, staff or students receiving one of these forms will need to file an income tax return with federal and state agencies by April 15th of the following year.

The university recognizes that each person’s situation may differ with regard to their filing requirements and is not an authority on individual tax filing. Thus we suggest that individuals seek professional assistance if needed. However, the following web pages are designed to help increase an overall understanding of taxes and taxable payments.

Withholding Forms

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Can I claim exempt?

Follow this flow chart to find out if you are eligible to claim 'Exempt' on your tax forms.

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Resources and Forms

Find helpful resources to assist you with your tax decisions.

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Various tax forms

Tax Questions

View our frequently asked questions about taxes

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