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American University's Campus Plan is a "roadmap" that details proposals and objectives to enhance and build upon our campus facilities for the next decade.

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American University's 2011 Campus Plan was approved by the Zoning Commission on March 8, 2012. The Campus Plan outlines projected facilities growth and campus enhancements for the coming decade. Twenty-four months in the making and the focus of lively dialogue with our neighboring community, the plan reflects AU's intent to strengthen its academic prestige, maintain our standing as an asset to Washington, DC, and honor a commitment to be an amenity to the surrounding community. This site contains a historical record of the information available while the Plan was developed and reviewed, as well as the final version of the Plan.

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Campus Plan Meeting Documents

View documents and notes from meetings for the current campus plan, starting in 2019

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2011 Campus Plan

View the completed 2011 Campus Plan

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Documents from 2011 Campus Plan Meetings

View documents from previous 2011 Campus Plan meetings.

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2000 Campus Plan

View American University's 2000 Campus Plan

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