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 Frequently Asked Questions

Ellucian (Colleague)

The Office of Information Technology (OIT) is responsible for setting up new accounts in Ellucian (Colleague). You may also access the Colleague Account Request Form at

The Office of Information Technology (OIT) conducts the following online training classes on how to access Ellucian (Colleague). You can visit their website for more information or log into ASuccessfulU and click on Learning (under the Home button) and search for these videos:

  • Colleague UIO 4.5 - Introduction
  • colleague UI 4.5 - General Ledger
  • Colleague UI 4.5 - Purchasing

In the Ellucian(Colleague) system, select the RINQ screen. Enter the requisition number. At the top of the page in Ellucian (Colleague), the status bar will say PO Created. The PO number will be listed in a box in the upper right corner under the Status Date. For more details view our step by step instructions.

In the Ellucian (Colleague) System, select the PINQ screen. Enter the purchase order number. At the top of the page look for the PO Status, it should read Paid or Reconciled. The voucher number will be listed in a box in the upper right corner. For more details view our step by step instructions.

In the Ellucian (Colleague) System, select the VEND (Vendor Maintenance) screen and type in the Vendor's name. A list will populate if there is more than one vendor with that name. The Vendor ID appears below the vendor name. For further assistance contact Procurement and Contracts at

In order to add a vendor to Ellucian please have the vendor complete the Vendor Application Form, attach the W9 form and send both to

Purchasing Requests

Approved requisitions are usually issued as Purchase Orders (PO) within 48 hours, unless the required paperwork (contract, invoice, back-up paperwork or bid documentation for purchases over $10,000) has not been received by the Procurement Contracts Department (PCD) office which can then delay the time taken to process a PO.

E-mail one of the Procurement & Contract staff members for assistance at

E-mail one of the Procurement & Contract staff members with the blanket order number, vendor name, and amount at to be added to Please note that blanket purchase orders can only be increased in compliance with PCD Policy.

An invoice, registration form, subscription form, quote, or other applicable document that states the cost, the description, delivery date (if applicable) must be forwarded to the appropriate PCD buyer.

All checks should be issued and processed by Accounts Payable. However, if there is an overwhelming, legitimate business reason, a check may be held for pick up or send to the end-user’s office. To withhold a check, users need to put the request on the invoice face during their approval processing in WebNow. In situations where the vendor has elected to receive funds via ACH (direct deposit), the electronic payment process would override the request for a manual check and the request for withholding the check.

Contact the appropriate Procurement & Contract buyer for assistance with your order. Click here for the Buyer List

A member of the Procurement & Contracts department. They will ensure that all purchasing activities are carried out in accordance with all applicable laws, directives from the Board of Trustees, and sound business practices. Only the Procurement & Contracts department has the authority to obligate the University and enter into a contract or lease (including vendor contracts). The University has delegated the signing of a Professional Services Agreement (PSA) for services rendered by individuals as described below:

PSA Contract Value under $10,000
Division Head
Up to $100,000
Senior Director of Procurement & Contracts
Greater Than $100,000 - $250,000
Assistant VP Finance
Greater Than $250,000
CFO, VP Finance & Treasurer
Above $500,000
President's Approval
Above $5 mil
Reported to President & Board of Trustees

*Note: There must be no changes to the AU PSA or PSA Work Made for Hire or the terms and conditions; vendor must be an existing supplier; otherwise, the PSA or PSA WMFH must be signed by PCD.

AU Corporate Credit Card

The AU Visa Corporate Credit Card allows authorized cardholders to make departmental operations-related purchases less than $5,000 directly from suppliers without having to fill out requisitions and process purchase orders.

Employees who have completed their probationary period, and who have the approval of their supervisor, are eligible for the Visa Corporate Credit Card.

Once the completed and signed Corporate Credit Card Application is received by PCD, it usually takes 10 business days to receive the card.

A mandatory training session is required prior to receiving the Corporate Credit Card. After the training is completed, the card will be issued and can be used after card activation.

The card is designed for small purchases, $5000 or less. Items that can't be purchased on the card are listed in the Restricted Commodities List

A request to adjust card limits must be made by your immediate supervisor via e-mail to

Contact PNC Bank at 1-800-685-4039 immediately. After notifying the bank also notify PCD at

For transactions $50.00 and higher, receipts needs to be scanned, uploaded, and linked to transactions in the Visa IntelliLink System.

For all expenses paid by grants, private or public, all receipts must be scanned, uploaded, and linked to transaction in the Visa IntelliLink System regardless of transaction amount.

Yes. The cardholder is responsible for signing off on their transaction in the Visa IntelliLink System. The transactions are then routed to the cardholder supervisor for approval.

No. All transactions must be made by the cardholder. If a department needs ta sharable card, contact PCD to apply for a department card.

You can retrieve up to two years of prior statements by running a Transaction Search - Personal report under the Reports link. Under the Transaction Search - Personal report, please select the date range for your report, then click on Search. You can download the search results to either PDF or Excel formats by clicking the Export links below the last transaction.

Yes. Refer to the Corporate Credit Card Policy for all situations that may lead to suspension or revocation of Corporate Credit Card.

Suspension period is 90 days and Card privilege is reinstated automatically after the suspension period is completed.

No, Card privilege cannot be reinstated early during suspension.

Revocation of Card privilege is permanent. You will not be able to receive another AU Corporate Credit Card.

Online Ordering of AU Stationery

Our on-line stationery orders can be accessed through the WB Mason Office Supply website.

Business cards can be ordered on-line through WB Mason Office Supply website.

WB Mason is the preferred office supplies vendor for the American University. PCD has negotiated discounted pricing and preferred terms with them. However, if you need a specialty item please contact PCD for assistance at 202-885-3814 or email us at


American University's preferred Travel provider is:

World Travel - AU Travel Portal
AU Account Manager
Lisa Parks
T: 610.695.6059
C: 484.803.3526

Travel Counselors:
Kati Ficco
Gwyn Nicholl
Contact Phone Number: 888-305-9160
Email address:

Locally, American University has negotiated rates with the following:

  • Marriott Courtyard
  • Embassy Suites
  • Residence Inn Marriott
  • Hilton Garden Inn
  • Glover Park Hotel

A List of Hotels can also be found at the following link for those seeking accommodations for friends or relatives at reduced rates:

View our hotel page for more information in AU discounts for local and non-local hotels.

Enterprise Rent-a-Car is our preferred vendor and will rent to American University with a credit card.

AU has negotiated discounts with these car rental companies. However, the traveler must provide their own credit card:

  • Enterprise Rent a Car Discount Number is XZ16997 for business travel (21 years of age and over only) and XZ16998 for Leisure.
  • Avis Discount Number B448700
  • Budget Discount Number D639800

The following bus companies will take a reservation for a bus rental. An agreement or confirmation should be forwarded for review and signature to

  • Golden Touch Limo
  • Quality Transport
  • Beltway limousine
  • DC Trails

Buses must have at least 5 million dollars auto liability insurance.

Miscellaneous Services and Questions

 Yes. Federal and state tax exempt letters can be viewed in the portal

First Choice Coffee is the preferred coffee services supplier for American University. Contact:

First Choice Coffee Services
7518-I Fullerton Road, Springfield, VA 22153
Ph: (703) 569-6188

Contact Charlotte Needham at to place orders or to request technical support or contact Tara Stratford at 202-885-3813 or email at

Deer Park Water for water coolers. Customer Service 1-800-325-3337

Quench Water Systems for inline water filtration system
Contact: Barry P. Whelan

Phone: (215) 850-6934


Email us at