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International Travel Insurance

Global Accident and Health Protection

American University students, faculty, and staff traveling abroad, not in their country of permanent residence, need protection that will help them in the event of sudden illness or serious injury. In some countries, U.S. health insurance is not accepted in lieu of payment prior to treatment. While a claim for reimbursement can be filed once the traveler returns home, paying cash before receiving medical attention can cause a hardship for the traveler. In extreme cases, medical evacuation might be necessary and those prepaid costs would more likely be significant.

To make sure that all American University international travelers have adequate insurance, with coverage that might not otherwise be available, all participants are required to enroll in the ACE Travel Assistance Program. To do so, please contact your school or department's budget coordinator or if you do not know who to speak with in your department you can contact the Office of Risk Management per the contact information at the bottom of this page. The following documents are attached for your reference:

  1. Summary of Benefits - Faculty and Staff
  2. Summary of Benefits - Students
  3. Summary of Travel Assistance Program and ID Card

Requests for Country-Specific Information

Country-specific information is also available by request. The information includes, travel warnings, weather conditions, country customs, documentation needed to enter the country, risk analysis, immunizations needed, etc. Please contact the Assistant Director of Risk Management to obtain a country-specific report.