Risk Management

International Travel

Global Accident and Health Protection

American University students, faculty, and staff traveling abroad, not in their country of permanent residence, need protection that will help them in the event of sudden illness or serious injury. In some countries, U.S. health insurance is not accepted in lieu of payment prior to treatment. While a claim for reimbursement can be filed once the traveler returns home, paying cash before receiving medical attention can cause a hardship for the traveler. In extreme cases, medical evacuation might be necessary and those prepaid costs would most likely be significant.

For those students covered by student health insurance purchased through AU's Health Center, that policy includes a very helpful traveler's assistance service, Europ Assistance USA. However, Europ Assistance USA is a service provider, not an insurance company. Any third party expenses incurred through arrangements made by Europ Assistance USA are the responsibility of the student.

To make sure that all American University international travelers have adequate insurance, with coverage that might not otherwise be available, all participants are required to enroll in the ACE Travel Assistance Program. Please contact your school or department's contact person or call 202-885-3284 for more information on how to enroll in the program.

The university will pay premiums for faculty and staff. As of 09/01/01 departments are being charged for students' coverage.


ACE Travel Assistance Services and Benefits

Services Included

  • Medical Assistance including referral to a doctor or medical specialist, medical monitoring when you are hospitalized, emergency medical evacuation to an adequate facility, medically necessary repatriation and return of mortal remains.
  • Personal Assistance including pre-trip medical referral information and while you are on a trip: emergency medication, embassy and consular information, lost document assistance, emergency message transmission, emergency cash advance, emergency referral to a lawyer, translator or interpreter access, medical benefits verification and medical claims assistance.
  • Travel Assistance including emgergency travel arrangements, arrangements for the return of your travelling companion or dependents and vehicle return.
  • Security Assistance including a crisis hotline and on the ground security assistance to help address safety concerns or to secure immediate assistance while traveling as well as access to a secure, web-based system for tracking global threats and health or location based risk intelligence. Please contact Barbara Patterson (bpatters@american.edu) at x1548 for log in information.


Global Accident and Health Benefits

Benefits Descriptions
Medical Benefits Up to $100,000

Medical care and treatment provided by a physician as a result of a sickness or accident

Semi-private hospital room and board  

All necessary medical and surgical services and supplies while confined in a hospital  

Outpatient medical care and treatment provided by a hospital or clinic  

Professional local ambulance service  

Dental expenses resulting from an accident up to $1,000

A surgical procedure and anesthesia when performed or administered by a physician 

Laboratory and x-ray tests and treatments  

Supplies and prescriptions while confined in a hospital or upon release  

Mental and Nervous Disorders: Limited to one treatment per day.  

Maximum for Mental and Nervous Disorders:
50% of the Usual and Customary up to a Maximum of 30 days

Outpatient: $2,500

Alcoholism, drug addiction, or the use of any drug or narcotic except as prescribed by a doctor in its entirety

Deductible (per occurrence) $50.00
Pre-existing Conditions Maximum for pre-existing — treated as any other medical condition.
Exclusions include, but not limited to Routine physical examinations


Hearing aids 

Routine dental care 

Cosmetic treatment or surgery 

Confinement or institutional care 

Maternity and routine nursery care 

Expenses incurred during holiday travel 

Injury or sickness caused by war, riot, civil commotion, or police action 

Participation in a criminal act 

Intentionally self-inflicted injuries

Medical Evacuation 100% coverage

Emergency evacuation to an adequate medical facility

Medical repatriation 100% coverage

Medically necessary repatriation and return of mortal remains

Accidental death and dismemberment Up to $10,000
Cost of coverage $6.50 per week (any portion of a week (e.g., 4 day stay) will be charged as a whole week)

$23.00 per month 

$85.00 per semester

Contact Information for ACE USA and Europ Assistance

Please refer to the Travel Assistance Contact Information Document


Requests for Country-Specific Information

Country-specific information is also available by request. The information includes, travel warnings, weather conditions, country customs, documentation needed to enter the country, risk analysis, immunizations needed, etc. Please contact the assistant vice president of Risk Management and Safety Services to obtain a country-specific report.

Contact Information

Pat Kelshian
Assistant Vice President of Risk Management and Safety Services
Phone: 202-885-3284
Email: pat@american.edu

Kathleen McDermott
Administrative Coordinator
Phone: 202-885-1548
Email: kmcdermo@american.edu