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Ameriplan Prepayment Plan

In order to provide a means of stabilizing tuition expenses, American University offers a contractual cost saving tuition plan that allows undergraduate students to prepay AU four years of tuition and lock in the tuition rate of the student's first year.

Please note that Ameriplan is available ONLY to incoming freshman that do not receive any financial aid.

Ameriplan students are exempt from any increase in tuition rates for the four years (eight semesters) they have prepaid (summer terms not included). The Ameriplan is used only for tuition costs. Mandatory fees, special course fees, housing, meal plans, and other student account charges are to be paid on a semester basis by the due date prescribed by the university (these charges will not be exempt from yearly increases).

If you have any questions concerning the Ameriplan, please contact Adrianne Grant, Associate Director of Student Billing at (202) 885-3576 or via e-mail.

Ameriplan Application

You can download the application/contract for the Ameriplan.