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Moving Forward After A Student Account Stop

Their Cause and Solution

What is an Account Stop?

Financial Restrictions take the form of account stops on your student account; using Eagle Service you can assess their cause and find resources to a solution.


Please be advised that after you have identified your account related stop and you would like further instructions, additional resources and support can be found here.

Students with an outstanding balance due on their accounts after the start of classes are subject to an account balance stop. Please access your AU Portal to view your outstanding charges and to remit payment due. The university accepted methods of payment can be viewed here. Please allow 24 hours from the time of payment for the account balance stop to be removed. The account balance stop will restrict access to academic services such as registration, and diploma release.

Students with an incorrect or outdated billing address will be assessed a billing address stop on their account. To change your mailing address, please complete the address change form through the Academics section of the AU portal (look for the "Update My Address" link). You may add any address to your account, but you must specify which address bills should be sent to. You may also submit an address change by e-mailing through your AU assigned email address. Please include your phone number in the request. If you have any questions regarding updating your billing address, please contact AU Central.

Third party billing stop indicates that a student's third party sponsor has not yet made a payment, although a student's account might reflect a zero balance. Sponsor balances are recorded in special sponsor accounts, which are not visible to students. A third party billing stop prevents students from registering for future courses and restricts academic services, and diploma release.

A returned check stop is placed on a student's account when a check (paper or e-check) is not honored by the payer's bank and is returned to the University. A returned check stop prevents students from registering for future courses and restricts academic services, and diploma release. Balance due must be paid by certified funds in order to have the stop removed immediately. Payments that are made by other means (personal check or e-check) are required to be posted for 10 days prior to stop removal. A returned check fee of $25 will be accessed for each returned check the University receives.

Other offices at American University can also place stops on student accounts. For information on those stops, please contact the appropriate office: