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American University Named the 2008 Most Vegetarian-Friendly University

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Photo by Jeff Watts

Photo by Jeff Watts


Bon Appetit, Housing & Dining Programs, and Auxiliary Services is very pleased to announce that American University was nominated and selected as the 2008 Most Vegetarian-Friendly University in the United States. Colleges and universities were invited to participate in this annual competition based on feedback and nominations from students over the past year. Each nominated university was contacted the PETA2 organization to announce our nomination and to solicit more information for inclusion in the competition description. The sponsoring organization then narrowed down the nominations to 32 US colleges and universities for voting in a nationwide competition spanning. On our way to the ultimate recognition, AU faced-off against the University of Richmond, Georgetown University, the University of Florida, SUNY-Purchase and Wesleyan University! We are incredibly excited that AU students, faculty and staff rallied behind the competition this year to bring increased awareness to vegetarian cuisine and the extents to which Bon Appetit goes to make sure that all members of our community enjoy variety and a commitment to excellence.