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Sustainability Success Story

Office of the University Architect's Green Initiatives

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Bender Library_Quad

Bender Library_Quad

It is amazing what you can learn while brainstorming with Facilities and Administrative Services (FAS) volunteers, in this case, Maria Ines Lopez, Interior Designer for The Office of the University Architect (OUA). I learned some fascinating details regarding green initiatives that are incorporated into OUAs day to day practices. Learning about the details of other operations is an obvious benefit or reward for stepping out of your comfort zone and volunteering for a committee or team. Below lists some interesting "green" facts about various buildings on campus.

Nebraska Hall

Energy Star Certified appliances
Recycled material linoleum flooring and carpet tile
Zero VOC formation, low odor paint


Bender Library

Recycled steel shelving
Acrylic doors are 40% post-industrial recycled material


Centennial Hall

Recycled 16, 492 pounds of carpet during a recent renovation
Acrylic accent panels are 40% post industrial products
Eco-friendly lounge furniture


Kogod School of Business

Recycled over 7 tons of carpet during the recent expansion project


Leonard Hall

Eco-friendly and Greenguard Certified lounge furniture