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Sustainability degree

Green Degrees

Every school and college at AU teaches, researches, and practices sustainability.

AU offers a number of degree programs which list sustainability as a specific learning outcome and/or include a sustainability-focused or related course as a requirement for graduation. 

To see which courses in your school are sustainability related, the Office of Sustainability has also published a list of sustainability-focused and related courses.

College of Arts and Sciences

  1. Anthropology (BA, Minor, PhD)
  2. Biology (BS, Minor)
  3. Biochemistry (BS, Minor)
  4. Chemistry (BS)
  5. Economics (BA, BS, Minor, MA)
  6. Gender Analysis in Economics (Grad Certificate)
  7. Environmental Science (BS, MS, Minor)
  8. Environmental Studies (BA)
  9. Environmental Assessment (Grad Certificate)
  10. Applied Mathematics (BA)
  11. North American Studies (Minor, Grad Certificate)
  12. Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies (BA, Minor)
  13. Public Health (BA, BS, Minor)
  14. All programs within the School of Education, Teaching, and Health
  15. Computational Science (BS)

Kogod School of Business

  1. Sustainability Management (MS)
  2. Accounting (BS)
  3. Business, Language & Culture Studies (BS)
  4. Business Administration (BS, MBA, Minor)
  5. Business and Music (BS)
  6. Finance (Minor)
  7. International Business (Minor)
  8. Marketing (Minor)
  9. Real Estate (Minor)
  10. Finance and Real Estate (MS)

School of Communication

  1. Communication Studies (BA)
  2. Foreign Language and Communication Media (BA)
  3. International Media (MA)
  4. Political Communication (BA, MA)

School of International Service (SIS)

  1. Development Management (MS)
  2. Ethics, Peace, and Global Affairs (MA)
  3. Global Environmental Policy (MA, Grad Certificate)
  4. International Communication (MA)
  5. International Development (MA, Grad Certificate )
  6. International Peace and Conflict Resolution (MA)
  7. International Studies (BA)
  8. Peacebuilding (Grad Certificate)
  9. Natural Resources and Sustainable Development (dual degree - earn an MA in International Affairs at AU and an MA in Natural Resources and Sustainable Development at the University for Peace in Costa Rica)

School of Public Affairs

  1. Interdisciplinary Studies: CLEG (BA)
  2. Justice (BA)
  3. Public Policy (MPP)
  4. Public Administration (PhD)
  5. Public Administration and Policy (Minor)
  6. Political Science (BA, MA)