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Green Commuting

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Green Commute

Walk, bike, carpool, bus, metro. Pick your favorite and green your commute.

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School is back in session and so is commuter traffic. The Washington Post reported in January 2011 that DC has the worst traffic congestion in the country and also has the highest rate of road rage.

Luckily, the DC metro area has one of the most robust public transportation systems in the country. Whether you want to take the train or bus, bike or walk, carpool or carshare, AU has many resources for every Eagle to green their commute. 

Public Transportation

Staff Benefits


Set aside up to $120 per month pre-tax for Metro, VRE, or MARC

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AU Shuttle

AU Shuttle Bus

Free buses from Tenley metro to main campus and WCL

Live GPS

Guaranteed Ride Home


Free and reliable rides home for unexpected emergencies

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Biking & Walking

Staff Bike Benefit

Monthly $20 voucher for biking equipment and repairs

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Capital Bikeshare

DC has the largest bike-sharing system in the country

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Student Bike Lending

AU Student government lends bikes to students for free

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Greener Driving


Over 1600 people already use AU’s private ride-sharing network

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Best Gas Mileage

Look up cars with the best and worst gas mileage

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Carpool Parking

Each carpool member is only charged the part-time parking rate

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Electric Vehicles

Emily Curley from the Office of Sustainability poses next to AU's newest vehicle,an electric car for use between Tenley Campus and main campus.

Find electric vehicles & use the charging station in Katzen garage

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Self-service cars on demand for rent by the hour or the day

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Metro Bus from AU

Many convenient bus routes serve AU and surrounding areas. See if there's a bus going your way.

AU Bus Map