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Who is my Green Eagle?

Each of AU's ten residence halls has one or two resident Green Eagles who live and work in the building. Other Green Eagles work across campus with other students, faculty, and staff. One Green Eagle works exclusively with the Washington College of Law community. Find your Green Eagle and contact them to find out about upcoming sustainability events, initiatives, competitions, green living and work tips, and more. 

Use the links below to find your Green Eagle.

South Campus: Anderson Hall | Letts Hall | Clark and Roper Halls | Centennial Hall

North Campus: Leonard Hall | McDowell Hall | Hughes Hall | Cassell Hall | Nebraska Hall

Nonresidential: Student Coordinators | Campus Green Eagles | Washington College of Law | Fall 2013 Green Eagles

Green Eagle Student Coordinators

Starr Brainard

Starr is a senior Environmental Science major from St. Paul, Minnesota. She cares a lot about urban land use, functional landscapes, Egypt, and music. As a Green Eagle in 2011-12, she completed a project assessing stormwater runoff on the Quad, which helped her receive a Hollings Scholarship from NOAA to conduct oceanographic research in Alaska in summer 2013.

Contact me: sb9042a@american.edu

Residence Hall Green Eagles

Sofia Baneth Green Eagles

Sofia Baneth - Anderson Hall

Sofia is a first-year student from Raleigh, NC, and is majoring in Public Health. She cares a lot about mass production of food and the need to strive to eat locally and sustainably for the health of the planet and ourselves.

Contact me: sb1034a@student.american.edu or stop by Anderson 437

Michelle Sindyukov Green Eagle

Michelle Sindyukov - Anderson Hall

Michelle is a first year broadcast journalism major from Herzliya, Israel. Her biggest sustainability concerns are pollution in the oceans and how to get people to recycle and compost at home. When not educating Anderon Hall about how to go green, you can find Michelle at AU Hillel, playing Water Polo, or writing for The Eagle. She co-stars in the "Michelle and Miguel" video series with fellow Green Eagle Miguel Codinera.

Contact me: michelle.sindy@gmail.com or stop by Anderson 362

Brooke Loving Bagwell Green Eagles 2013-14

Brooke Loving-Bagwell - Cassell Hall

Brooke is a sophomore international studies major from Austin, TX. Brooke's top tip for living green on campus is to turn off the water when you are shaving in the shower. When not educating the residents of Cassell Hall, Brooke can be found spending time with her Delta Gamma sisters or working in the AU Community Garden. In spring 2014 Brooke is also serving as an assistant student coordinator for the Green Eagles, helping to develop activities and programming for RecycleMania, Do It in the Dark, and Earth Month.

Contact me: bl5361a@student.american.edu or stop by Cassell 416

Nathan Strauss Green Eagles 2013-14

Nathan Strauss - Cassell Hall

Nathan is a junior journalism major from Glenside, Pennsylvania. His greatest sustainability concerns are management of stormwater, public health, and hydrofracking. He spent the Fall 2013 semester exploring the unique ecology of Australia. When not greening Cassell Hall, you can find Nathan at AU's Community Garden by the tennis courts.

Contact me: ns4571a@student.american.edu or stop by Cassell 803

Samantha Kenny Green Eagles 2013-14

Samantha Kenny - Centennial Hall

Samantha is a sophomore environmental studies major and communications minor from Westchester, New York. Besides the Green Eagle program, Samantha sits on the e-boards of the EcoSense environmental club as well as the AU Beekeeping Society. Outside of sustainability, Samantha enjoys working at the Perch and spending time with her sisters in the Alpha Chi Omega sorority. Among her largest sustainability concerns is dependency on bottled water. Samantha lives in AU's first Model Green Room, and would love to chat with anyone interested sustainability. She can be found in Centennial room 134 or in the Perch on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Contact me: sk3547a@student.american.edu or stop by Centennial 134

Bryan Paz Hernandez Green Eagles 2013-14

Bryan Paz - Clark and Roper Halls

Bryan is a first year political science major from the sunny shores of Miami, FL. He is very passionate about many progressive causes that he is involved with. His greatest sustainability concern is conserving energy and ensuring that we quickly transition to renewable energy.

Contact me: bp9346a@student.american.edu or stop by Roper 109

Alison Shapiro Green Eagle

Alison Shapiro - Hughes Hall

Alison is a junior journalism major from Poolesville, Maryland, who joined the AU community after attending another institution where she was very active in environmental causes. Her biggest sustainability concerns are climate change and sustainable agriculture. Alison is active in American Vegan Outreach and Fossil Free AU. Alison is also a member of the Honors Program and is excited to work with the honors community and all of Hughes Hall to go green!

Contact me: as5641a@student.american.edu or stop by Hughes 305

Miguel Codinera Green Eagles 2013-14

Miguel Codinera - Hughes Hall

Miguel is a first year international studies major from Saint Augustine, FL. Miguel's biggest sustainability concerns are energy efficiency and the sustainability of our built environment. Miguel is a member of the Honors Program, an officer in AU's Philippine American Coalition, and is co-star of the "Michelle and Miguel" video series with fellow Green Eagle Michelle Sindyukov.

Contact me: miguelcodinera@gmail.com or stop by Hughes 602

TBD - Leonard Hall

Celange Beck

Celange "Cece" Beck - Letts Hall

Cece is a first year business administration major from Rockport, Maine. She always carries a travel mug with her to get coffee at the Davenport, so she doesn't have to use paper cups every day, and can recommend a few great plastic and ceramic mugs if you are looking for one of your own. Cece's concerned about water conservation, which she balances with her love of extra HOT showers. When not helping Letts Hall go green, Cece is an AU Ambassador and can be found giving campus tours to prospective students.

Contact me: cb3210a@student.american.edu or stop by Letts 046

Elizabeth Metrulas

Elizabeth "Liz" Metrulas - Letts Hall

Liz is a first year student from Sunnyvale, California who is still exploring the many exciting options for a major. Her favorite sustainability tip is that pizza boxes and all other food containers made from cardboard are compostable, so even if they have food on them (like pieces of pizza), they don't need to go to a landfill. Liz's greatest sustainability concern is the rate at which we consume fresh water, which is a big issue in her home state. Outside of Green Eagles, Liz can be found at AU's Community Garden and participating in exciting events with the Outdoors Club.

Contact me: lizam99@gmail.com or stop by Letts 202

Karie Evans Green Eagles 2013-14

Karie Evans - McDowell Hall

Karie is a sophomore public communications major in the Washington Mentorship Program from Kensington, Maryland. Karie's top sustainability tip is to turn off the lights if you are leaving a room for more than a minute. Outside of Green Eagles, Karie is an active member of EcoSense and has interned with the US Green Building Council and Bethesda Green.

Contact me: evans.karie4@gmail.com or stop by McDowell T20

Greta Zukauskaite Green Eagles 2013-14

Greta Zukauskaite - Nebraska Hall

Greta is a junior public communications major and justice minor from Brockton, MA, although she was born in Naujoji Akmene, Lithuania. Greta's biggest sustainability vice is that she often leaves the light on in her room when she goes to sleep, because she loves the purple glow. This helps remind her to turn off lights at other times. Greta's campus involvement has included Jumpstart, Alternative Break: Cape Town, Graffiti DC, Her Campus, and the Vagina Monologues.

Contact me: gretazukauskaite@gmail.com or stop by Nebraska 108C

Campus Green Eagles

Leo Brody Green Eagles 2012

Leo Brody

Leo is a sophomore environmental studies and philosophy major from Raleigh, North Carolina. His greatest sustainability concern is over-fishing. You can find him at EcoSense meetings and exercising his extensive debate skills with the AU Debate Team.

Contact me: lb1306a@student.american.edu

Anwen Baumeister Green Eagles 2013-14

Anwen Baumeister

Anwen is a sophomore international studies major and dance minor from San Francisco, CA. While her Green Eagle activities span campus, Anwen focuses specifically on the Katzen Arts Center and Ward Circle Building. She is very involved with the dance program as has recently started participating in AU’s community garden. Her greatest sustainability concern is overuse of materials and encourages everyone to use reusable water bottles.

Contact me: anwenbaumeister@gmail.com

Billie Case Green Eagles 2013-14

Billie Case

Billie is a sophomore environmental studies major and philosophy minor from New York City, NY. Outside of class you can spot her working as a stacks assistant in Bender Library or out on a run. Although her Green Eagle activities span campus, she focuses on Bender Library and the East Quad Building. Her favorite sustainability tip is to buy in bulk in order to avoid excessive packaging!In spring 2014 Billie is also serving as an assistant student coordinator for the Green Eagles, helping to develop activities and programming for RecycleMania, Do It in the Dark, and Earth Month.

Contact me: bc9964a@student.american.edu

Mike Kieffer Green Eagles 2013-14

Mikaela Kieffer

Mikaela is a senior environmental studies major and international studies minor from Atlanta, GA. Although her Green Eagle activities span campus, she focuses specifically on the School of International Service Building and Graduate Research Center. Mike is also a barista at the Davenport and dances with the AU Salsa Club, so make sure to say hi next time you pick up a delicious Fair Trade coffee or see a Salsa performance. Her greatest sustainability concern is making clean energy more accessible.

Contact me: mikaki@me.com

Rachael Somerville Green Eagles 2013-14

Rachael Somerville

Rachael is a junior dual major in environmental studies and international studies from Southern California. She is excited to work with the campus community to be more sustainable and enjoy new green experiences. Her two biggest sustainability concerns are climate change and sustainable food. When not educating her peers about how to go green, you can find Rachael volunteering throughout DC or taking in the Smithsonian museums.

Contact me: rs6495a@student.american.edu

Washington College of Law

Mary Strayhorne Green Eagles 2013-14

Mary Strayhorne

Mary is pursuring her LL.M in Sustainable Development Law & Policy at the Washington College of Law. A native of Northern Virginia, she was born in Alexandria and raised in Falls Church. Mary is a feature writer and staff member at the Sustainable Development Law and Policy journal. Her pursuit of sustainability is driven by a genuine desire to achieve consistent policies for the preservation of human and natural resources by effectively educating community leaders and planners. To this end, she serves as the face of the Office of Sustainability at WCL, and conducts outreach to students, faculty and staff. She is excited to green the WCL Dream!

Contact me: ms7933a@student.american.edu

Fall 2013 Green Eagles

These students worked as Green Eagles for the Fall 2013 semester and are studying abroad in Spring 2014.

Meaghan Cuddy Green Eagles 2012

Meaghan Cuddy - Cassell Hall

Meaghan is a junior environmental studies and economics major from Oak Ridge, New Jersey. She cares a lot about water pollution and degradation of coastal ecosystems. Meaghan's top sustainability tip for Cassell Hall is to turn off the water while washing your hair and shaving, as it saves gallons and makes it easier to maneuver around the shower. You can find Meaghan volunteering with Alpha Phi Omega, giving tours as an AU Ambassador, or working as a laboratory TA for the Department of Biology.

Contact me: mc5206a@student.american.edu

Ansley Roberts Green Eagles 2013-14

Ansley Roberts - Campus Green Eagle

Ansley is a junior international relations major from Charleston, SC. Altough her work as a Green Eagle spans campus, she focuses specifically on the Mary Graydon Center. Ansley's biggest sustainability concern is the massive scale on which our food has become commercialized and how we have lost touch with where our food comes from and how it is created. Ansley serves on the executive board of the Alpha Phi Omega community service fraternity. 

Contact me: ar2043a@student.american.edu