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Green Office Program

Green Office


The Green Office Program provides an opportunity for AU staff and faculty to directly contribute to achieving the university’s sustainability goals by promoting the adoption of sustainable practices within participating offices. The action checklists provide concrete steps that offices can take to integrate sustainability into their daily work and office culture.
Goals of the Program:

  • Grow the AU culture of sustainability. 
  • Build community across offices.
  • Provide tangible guidelines for sustainability focused actions.
  • Offer sustainability education for the university community.
  • Establish an opportunity for staff and faculty do their part to meet the university’s sustainability goals.

How to Participate

Offices that elect to participate work their way through three checklists - first bronze, then silver, and finally gold. Each checklist builds off of the accomplishments of the last, with the aim of growing a culture of sustainability within the office. To earn recognition at any level, offices must complete at least 10 checklist items and submit the signed achievement form to the Office of Sustainability by e-mailing Offices must re-certify annually to maintain their Green Office Program certification. Participating offices will be featured in the sustainability newsletter, in social media, and on the web and will receive a certificate to display.

Take the first steps to get involved and register your office.