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Sustainability Research

The American University Sustainability Fund supports campus sustainability research projects proposed by students, faculty, staff, alumni and neighbors.

The American University Sustainability Fund 

American University’s Green Eagle Sustainability Fund advances the university’s active pursuit of sustainability by providing financial and administrative support for campus sustainability projects developed and proposed by members of the university community.

This program is open to any member of the university community, including students, faculty, staff, alumni and neighborhood residents to propose sustainability projects. Projects must have a research or implementation component on the American University campus or in the nearby community. A committee of students, faculty and staff reviews and votes on proposals at least once per year.

Applicants may request between $500 – $1,500 per project. Project funds may be used for:
a) Materials or products required to implement the project;
b) Professional work, installation, or design;
c) Research and testing or monitoring equipment;
d) Student wages.

The Office of Sustainability typically accepts applications in early fall. Check back for the latest application.

Faculty Sustainability Research

Sustainability research focuses on a key principle of sustainability (such as social equity or environmental stewardship); addresses a sustainability challenge (such as climate change or poverty); or furthers our understanding of the interconnectedness of societal and environmental challenges. Sustainability research leads toward solutions that support economic prosperity, social wellbeing, and ecological health.

This guidance was developed by a committee of three faculty members, comprised of: Kathleen Getz, Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, Kogod School of Business; Dr. Sikina Jinnah, Assistant Professor, School of International Service; Stephen MacAvoy, Assistant Professor, Department of Environmental Science.

A survey conducted by the Office of Sustainability in January, 2011 found that 100 members of American University’s faculty, representing all six academic schools, were carrying out sustainability research. The latest survey, completed in spring 2013, found that 115 faculty members were carrying out research. View Faculty Sustainability Research for a complete list of faculty members and research topics.