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Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Stations

American University is committed to providing sustainable transportation options as part of its dedication to carbon neutrality. As a demonstration of this commitment, the University has installed eighteen (18) new electric vehicle charging stations across the University and the Washington College of Law. These new stations are capable of Level 2 Charging, allowing drivers to add 25 miles of Range Per Hour (RPH). The stations are reserved exclusively for the American University community and all privately-owned electric vehicles are prohibited from charging at standard electrical outlets.

Charging Locations

  • Katzen Arts Center Garage, Level P1

  • School of International Service Garage, Level P1

  • East Campus Garage, Level PT

  • Washington College of Law Garage, Level P1

  • Hall of Science Building, Single Port

Standard Charging Rate

Effective Tuesday, September 4th 2018, charging station customers will be assessed a cost recovery fee of $0.25 per kilowatt hour through their ChargePoint accounts. The fee directly recovers the cost of electricity, the charging infrastructure, and future system repairs/upgrades.  

Obtaining Access

Drivers must first register their vehicle with ChargePoint and obtain a free ChargePoint access card (or enable the feature on their mobile device). After registering with ChargePoint, you will receive a free card within 7-10 business days.

Drivers must then request access from the Office of Parking & Commuter Services through their ChargePoint account. Follow these instructions to submit your request through the Connections section of your account page. Be sure to search for the American University network and include your AUID in your request or it will not be accepted. Please allow a minimum of two (2) business days for your request to be processed.


Download the ChargePoint mobile app, available on the Apple or Google Play Store. The app provides users notifications for:

  • When your car is fully charged.
  • When charging is interrupted.
  • When the power to your car is reduced.
  • For charging station reservation status and reminders.

More information about the app is available at: 

Yes. Charging station customers are required to move their vehicle to a general parking space within 60 minutes of the completion of the charging cycle. Customers will receive a text message and/or e-mail automatically from ChargePoint when the session is completed. If the vehicle is not moved within 60 minutes, an additional fee of $2.00 per hour will accrue and the vehicle will be subject to citation. 

Customers must configure their settings through their ChargePoint Portal to receive notifications.

Yes. Charging station customers are required have a valid AU parking permit or paid parking via a PayAsYouGo station or the PayByPhone app. 

Contact the Office of Parking & Commuter Services by calling 202-885-3111 or by e-mailing: