You are here: Departmental Deposit and Student Tuition Procedures

Departmental Deposits

  1. Departments will make all cash and check deposits at the Capital One Bank located on campus in the Butler Pavilion Tunnel. Please note that only the Capital One Bank branch on campus is accepting American University departmental deposits.

  2. A Departmental Deposit form and a Capital One Deposit slip are both required in order to make a departmental deposit.

  3. The staff member must electronically complete the departmental deposit form in its entirety including individual amounts, descriptions, and GL accounts for each piece of the deposit. After completing the departmental deposit form, print and sign the form.

  4. The departmental deposit form is also located on on the Controller’s Forms and Resources page.

  5. The Capital One Bank deposit slip must also be completed. Enter a total for both checks and cash on the deposit slip and then provide an overall total on the bottom of the deposit slip in the total section. Be sure to clearly write your name and date on the slip. Attach the deposit slip to your departmental deposit form.

  6. Please endorse the back of each check with “American University-­‐For Deposit Only”. We have delivered endorsement stamps to campus business officers with this endorsement statement. If you handle a sizeable number of checks and need an endorsement stamp, please contact Andrea Dukes at X3588.

  7. Take your deposit “package” to the teller window at the Capital One Bank branch on campus.

  8. The teller will deposit the funds directly into the University’s operating account and provide you with a receipt and a copy of the Capital One deposit slip to keep for your records. The teller will also place the AU Departmental Deposit Form and a copy of the Capital One deposit slip in the AU Deposit drop box.

  9. The following day, the accountant in Student Accounts will pick up the departmental deposit forms from Capital One Bank and post the funds to the general ledger accounts in Datatel. Please note, that deposits will be credited to the general ledger by the close of business on the day following deposit.

Student Tuition Payments

Tuition payments made on campus via check can be taken to the tuition drop box in AU Central located on the 2nd Floor of the Asbury building.

  1. The student will give their tuition check to an AU Central representative.

  2. The representative will place the check in the Tuition Drop Box located behind the AUCentral counter.

Department Contacts

For any questions regarding the above changes, please contact the following people:

Departmental Deposit Procedures: Andrea Dukes,, X3588

Departmental Deposit Accounting or Specific Deposit Detail: Shannon Floyd,, X2863

Student Payments: Darrell Cook,, X3546