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A view of the Amphitheatre and Arboretum


The AU campus is a designated arboretum and public garden. The 84 acre campus has a rich botanical history, and its many green spaces provide a place not only to gather, but to learn: art students often take inspiration from the landscape, and students at the School of International Service practice their geographic information sklls (GIS) by mapping the trees. Plaques will denote the common and botanical names of each tree, as well as their place of origin.

Opportunities exist to provide ongoing support for AU’s Arboretum, and to name small spaces, benches, and living features.

Arboretum Staff

  • Mark Feist, Horticulturist
  • Stephanie Destefano, Certified Arborist
  • Mike Mastrota, Landscape Architect
  • Paul Davis, Landscape Architect
  • Greg Wright, Grounds Zone Supervisor
  • Jessica Lubell, Arboretum Coordinator

Campus Facilities

Learn more about the campus facilities in the AnewAU campaign.

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