Report of Gifts


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President's Circle

William McKinley Associates


Joseph J. Allotta ’69 and Elizabeth Allotta
Jill Goldberg-Reitman P and Joel Reitman P
Frank Greinke
Jennifer B. Griffin ’94 and Charles P. Griffin ’94 1893
Kathryn A. Hall P and Thomas C. Knutsen P
Sue E. Headlee « PhD ’86 and Jeffrey H. Reiman «
Jonathan N. Helfat ’68 and Robin E. Helfat 1893
Hilary B. Zackroff Jersey ’94 and Ira F. Jersey Jr. ’93
Cornelius M. Kerwin « ’71 P and Ann L. Kerwin ’71 P 1893
Robyn Rafferty Mathias ’64, JD ’92 P 
Mark C. Medish
Judith W. Morrissey P and Richard C. Morrissey P
Marcia F. Newell
Robert F. Pence JD ’71, MA ’97, MA ’99 P and Susan S. Pence P 
Kathy Z. Putnam P and George Putnam P
Galia D. Reiss P and Ori M. Reiss P
Victoria P. Sant and Roger W. Sant 1893
Peter L. Scher ’83, JD ‘87 and Kimberly H. Tilley MA ’08 
Elliot M. Schnier ’71 P 1893
Susana Schwartz-Sanchez and Thomas S. Kahn
Emily van Agtmael and Antoine van Agtmael 1893
William M. Vincent ’95 and Amy N. Vincent
Lena Walstam P and Gunnar Walstam P
Cynthia B. Warshaw ’93 and Matthew B. Warshaw ’94 1893
George S. Willie MBA ’74 and M. Doreen Willie 1893
Sharon A. Wolpoff ’74, MFA ’81 1893

«     Current/Former Faculty or Staff
*      Deceased
P     Parent
G     Grandparent
1893  Member of 1893 Society