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Washington, DC is a diverse city – home base to people from all over the world. The city features hundreds of embassies, restaurants, and cultural centers from many different cultures and countries. 

Living in "The DMV": Metro Washington DC Area
The city, and the surrounding area – are known locally as “The DMV” (District – Maryland – Virginia).Young and hip? Physically active? Sports fanatic? Artistic?  Foodie?  Suburban guru?  Kayaker? There’s something for everyone in DC and the surrounding area.

Listen In: The Kojo Nnamdi Show, WAMU-FM 88.5

WAMU-FM, American University’s public radio station, featured a show on what makes living in the greater DC area a unique experience. Listen to Kojo Nnamdi and his guests discuss life in The DMV from a January 2011 show.


Washington, DC features top restaurants with a diversity of flavors and ethnicities represented…and an increasing number of celebrity chefs.

Washington Post restaurant guide

DC-area celebrity chef Jose Andres, owner of Jaleo, Zaytina and Cafe Atlantico, and host of the PBS tv show "Made in Spain", is credited with popularizing spanish tapas in the United States.


Washington, DC features free museums, live entertainment, a thriving music, arts, and theater scene. Find out the latest with the Washington Post Going Out Gurus Guide to DC.


American University and Washington DC are home to a wide array of nationally-recognized sports teams: