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Farmers' Market & Fresh and Local CSA

Three ways to support area farmers:  

Buy your weekly supply of fruits and veggies every Wednesday at the AU Farmers' Market.


Subscribe to From the Farmer, selecting which weeks you'll receive fresh produce and goods from local farms and vendors on campus.


Participate in Community Supported Agriculture, sit back, and let your weekly fruit and veggie supply come to you!

Three reasons to shop at a farmers' market or support your local farmers:

1. It's good for the environment. Less fuel and oil are consumed since the food doesn't need to be transported from other parts of the country. 

2. It's good for you. Local produce is usually fresher and tastes that much better...increasing the likelihood that you'll eat the recommended number of fruit and veggie servings daily. 

3. It's good for the community. You're supporting a local business and helping the economy.

Farmers Market

The Farmers Market will be at WCL Tenley Campus for Summer 2016!

When: Every Wednesday through August 3rd
Where: 4300 Nebraska Avenue (near the front, Warren Building entrance)
Time: 12:00pm - 4:00pm


Agora Farms - Fresh fruits, vegetables, and more.

Girardot's Crumbs - Variety of hearth baked breads and fresh coffee

Fresh and Local CSA

Join Fresh and Local CSA (community supported agriculture) and receive a weekly bagful of locally grown produce direct from an area farm. Sample a variety of fruits, vegetables, and herbs; quantity and variety vary throughout the season.  

Single Share: (serves 1)  

Option A:
9 weeks, beginning September 2013, Price: $225*  

Option B:
18weeks, beginning June 2013, Price: $425*  

Family Share: (serves 3 adults or 2 adults/2 children)
18 weeks, beginning June 2013, Price: $600*  

Registration Info:
-To register for a family share, visit:
-To register for a single share, please contact Farmer Allan:  

Pick up day/time: Tuesday, 4pm - 11pm  

Pick up location: Tenleytown, Washington, DC
*All prices include delivery to Tenleytown

From the Farmer

Sign-up at
Use Access Code - 'AMERICANU' for special pricing and deliveries to Main Campus (MGC 330-O)
Use Access Code - 'AUHR' for special pricing and deliveries to 3201 New Mexico Ave. (Suite 350)
Use Access Code - 'AULAW' for special pricing and deliveries to Tenley Campus Washington College of Law (Mailroom, Yuma Building)
Use Access Code - 'AUCONNAVE' for special pricing and deliveries to 4401 Connecticut Ave. (6th Floor Front Desk)

The Produce

From the Farmer partners with dozens of local family farms to select the freshest, tastiest produce every week. The selection always changes and reflects the best of what's available. The produce is harvested and brought to you all in an average of 48 hours. The best part of about it - you get a personal account and delivery calendar, so you can customize your order anytime and pause your delivery as needed!

  • Deliveries are made on Tuesdays between 1pm and 4pm
“What’s Fresh” Newsletter

From the Farmer sends out a weekly "What's Fresh" email highlighting the upcoming produce, plus a tasty seasonal recipe for inspiration!

Monthly Billing and Payment

For your ease, you're only ever charged for produce you receive. No delivery charge, no membership fees, no upfront payments. You'll be prompted to input your credit card information when you sign up, and billing will occur once a month for the baskets you've already received.  


Be sure to use the following Access Codes to unlock special pricing and to specify your delivery location:

Use 'AMERICANU' for Main Campus deliveries, 'AUHR' for 3201 New Mexico Ave. deliveries, 'AULAW' for Tenley Campus WCL, or 'AUCONNAVE' for 4401 Connecticut Ave deliveries.

Small Bushel: $29/basket. Includes 5 - 7 seasonal items.

Large Bushel: $45/basket. Includes 8 - 10 seasonal items.